Ghana beats Nigeria 1-0 to sail into Angola 2010 finals

Children jubilating after the match

The Ghana Black Stars have beaten the odds of injury, inexperience and young age of their players to beat a more experienced and determined Super Eagles of Nigeria one nil to get to the finals of the African Nations Cup in Angola Thursday January 28, 2010.

Striker Asamoah Gyan headed in the classic lone goal in the 21st minute after ‘Kingmaker’ Kwadwo Asamoah lobbed the ball in from a corner kick.

The Stars held on till half time.

In the second half the Nigerians came in strongly and made inroads into the Ghanaian half but were unable to score.
Soon after the final whistle the country erupted into spontaneous celebration as citizens of all ages marched through streets singing and chanting victory songs.

By Emmanuel K. Dogbevi

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  1. Hardo A Abdulkadir says

    very unfortunate to football game.but not too bad it all blacks countries UP BLACK STAR & UP FLY EAGLE. GOD BLESS AFRICAN & AFRICANS as well.

  2. Yinka alao says

    A very boring semifinal,Ghana did not play the way they use to and Nigeria with no initiatives and lack of creativity.a deserved victory for Ghana, both teams need to work extra hard before d world cup.goodluck to Ghana in the final.

  3. GeorgeMackinze says

    I appreciate the black stars for their success. And I wish them victory in the finals. ”think it’s in the spirit of every Ghana citizen to always do something to do their country proud”. Keep it up!

  4. Akpenyo Eric says

    People of Nigerians this should not bring any misunderstanding between your team and your fun is a game one win one loses cheer up your team is not over yet,victory in your nest match clean your tears and concentrate.

  5. Chemel Elizabeth says

    I’m so proud of my Blackstars for I don’t know what to tell them. They did marvelously well and I say may God bless them so much for what they have done. And to my fellow Ghanaians, may God richly bless you all for your uncountless support you gave to the Blackstars in all season. Please try not discourage some of the Blackstars who made mistakes during the tournament. God bless you all and God bless Ghana.

  6. ANDY says

    ,,thanks to de stars for the victory, they will surely beat the egyiptian at the finals,, bravoo black stars,,,,

  7. John Nketsiah says

    Ghana has not played any good football in the on going Angola 2010 tournament
    but has managed to go to the finals with 4 goals.I Think God is on our side thats
    we have been able to go to the final cuz we have’nt played any good football.
    Hope we do in the finals.The Black Stars should wake up from thei slumber.

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