Viasat 1 introduces new TV programmes

Viasat1, a leader in television entertainment programming in Ghana, has introduced three new programmes this January to augment the existing captivating programmes for the viewing public.

A statement signed by Mr Stephen Addae-Baah, Public Relations Officer of Viasat1 said the new programmes were “Domino”, “Storm Over Paradise” and “Car Quest”, adding that they were due to start showing from January 25, 2010.

“Domino would commence on January 25 at 19:30hours, ‘Storm over Paradise’ begins from January 26 at 15:00hours and ‘Car Quest’ has already started showing at 18:30hours on Saturdays,” it said.

The statement said “Domino” was a West African series, which portrays the life of a wealthy owner of a formidable conglomerate, who acquired his wealth illegitimately and eventually tried to make peace with people he hurt in the processing of acquiring his ill-gotten wealth.

“Storm Over Paradise” is a Mexican Telenovela, which portrays a battle between love, destiny, greed and an enduring curse over a black pearl, whiles “Car Quest” is an exciting documentary on how far the car manufacturing industries worldwide have traveled from time past till date.

A Synovate/Stedman Group research report recently named Viasat1 the best in TV programming channel in Accra, with the best superior sound and picture quality and most very consistent in programme schedule.

Viasat1, last season, introduced the African series, “My Mum and I”, which ended recently. It said the African series was by all standards a hit with the viewing public and many advertisers also bought into it.

It assured viewers and advertisers that with these new additions, Viasat1 would remain number one and continue to offer the best viewing experience and value for money for advertisers.

Source: GNA

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  1. dan says


  2. patience says

    i wil like to appeal to the crew of production on viasat who are showing storm over pradise to change the time they show it. i have heared and seen alot of people complaning about the time, or even if it can be repeated at the weekend , than reapting it the following day at 11 am. pls, this is a matter of emergency,


  3. creamy says

    please i’d appreciate it if the time for storm over paradise be changed. it is an an interesting tv series but the time doe not permit me to watch . i love the programme and i aso love he tv station “visat 1” well done.

  4. donsky says

    i like viasat so much and i wish ti work there. i love you all viasat plz make sure you show storm over at3:00pm

  5. Nana fynn says

    There is no transmission in takoradi at the moment.please do something about it.

  6. SAGACIOUS says

    y cant we watch storm ova paradise on de net,it really insterestn

  7. selina says

    storm over paradise is really interesting. i love the programme . it portrays a lot of things and teach us not to be greedy.

  8. vicanxie says

    i am pleading that you should change de time you show STORM OVER PARADISE…or show and omnibus during weekends…it realy important because the time is not appropraite at all considering that this telenovela is the best ever

  9. Naphtali says

    I want to plead with the CEO of this company to try to send your transmission as a tv station to all the regions of Ghana to be well acknowledged as the best No.1 TV ENTERTAINER Nationwide.

  10. Charity says

    I wnt d mgt of viasat to please do smthing abt d time of storm over paradise bcos its an interesting programme.

  11. vivian says

    please and please again change the time of “storm over paradise cos some of us we can not watch it at 11am either 3:00pm cos of work so please do something about it for us.and please can you organize “ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE” in Ghana

  12. ursula says

    kindly do something abt the time storm over paradise is shown,management of viasat1 PLS.

  13. senam says

    I will like to plead with you to kindly try and change the time of airing Storm Over Paradisa to 7: 30 pa to 8:30pm to enable must of YOUR loyal viewers watch this interesting programme. PLEASE , PLEASE PLEASE,………

  14. Maxgee says

    Please bring back ” my mom n i “

  15. dave says

    bring us more sitcom. cause things are getting boring like de other stations.

  16. MAY says

    plsssssssssss change the time for storm over paradise. to at least late night so workers can enjoy it. plssssssssssss

  17. Ivy says

    Storm over paradise is really a great movie. I wish this tv station can bring us daily synopsis so as 2 catch up where we left

  18. Nana yaw says

    Can u guys stop repeating ur programmes.its becaming embarrasing.

  19. Rufus Perry Antrah says

    Greys and Anatomy is a very educative programme on viasat1 the best in series

  20. Rufus Perry Antrah says

    i will always love viasat1,but please try harder and broadcast 2010 movies for views

  21. Angela says

    Please , why are you (your outfit) not showing Grey’s Anatomy again?

  22. felicia boateng .o says

    Is there anyway that you can watch the series on the internet,because since am not in ghana i have been missing a lot.Please do something about it.Thanks a lot.

  23. Edem Siawor says

    Please, let me know why you stopped telecasting grey’s anatomy coz the last time i watched which you claimed was the final episode actually wasn’t. And why have you also stopped showing epl matches(the big game).

  24. andy dumenyo says

    let as watch love do not do a tin

  25. andy dumenyo says

    let all of as watch love don,t cost a tin pls

  26. pinky says

    ur station is becoming realllllyyy booooooooooooring.u dont show nice things.laugh a minute is useless.plz show grey’s anatomy again nd we cant watch any program on a wesite.the 1 show is wont u ever stop showing generations.wat a boring station,ur becoming useless.vry

  27. hamdia says

    pls change the time for of IN THE NAME OF LOVEV. to at least late night so workers can enjoy it or the repeted one should be started at 5.00clock am so that workers can get it . pls

  28. angela says

    pls i want to watch in the name of love plssssssssssssssss

  29. Enter your name...EVELYN says


  30. i plead with u to please repeat the tv series Evaluna in the morning again,i dont why u have just stop repeating it.

  31. diana says

    hi good work done but my problem is why repeat that unreasonable telenovela called seize the day its one of the boring movies ever pls change it we need eva luna thanks.

  32. bawa nasiru says

    we wish to see it

  33. Mrs. says

    Please why hv. U stoped repeating a shelter for love. I close from work very late so i only watch it in the morning. Pls can u repeate it for me

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