Cyanide spillage – Newmont Gold Ghana agrees to pay compensation

Newmont Gold Ghana has agreed to pay compensation to local communities affected by its cyanide spillage from its Ahafo Mine.

In a press statement copied to, Newmont Gold said it had received notification from the Minister of Environment, Science & Technology of the report by the Ministerial Panel appointed to evaluate the Ahafo Mine Process Solution Overflow accident, which occurred on October 8, 2009.

Newmont said it is prepared to finalize compensation for the overflow and has already implemented a number of corrective measures to prevent any future process solution releases. It also reassured the government of Ghana and local communities that the safety of its neighbours, employees and the environment is its first priority and that the company is committed to operating with high standards.

“The Company accepts responsibility for any failure to meet its standards, and we reiterate our regret and apologies for the overflow and for any anxiety caused in the local community over the safety of their drinking water supplies and fish,” Senior Vice President for African Operations, Jeff Huspeni, said.

By Emmanuel K. Dogbevi

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