Ghana biometric passport to be launched February 3

Ghana’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs will launch the country’s biometric passport on February 3, 2010, the GNA reports.

In preparation towards the launch, the report says, a training session for Regional Immigration Commanders and Information Service Officers on the issuance of the new biometric passports has been held.

Ghana is converting to the biometric passport in compliance with the International Aviation Organisation’s (ICAO) deadline for member states to provide their nationals with the new system to facilitate easy movements into member countries of ICAO. The end of 2009 is the deadline for providing the biometric passports to citizens of ICAO member states.

Biometric passports have the following features: holographic foil, watermark paper, invisible and visible foil and digital photographs.

In December 2009, a Slovak company, Innovatrics announced that it was producing the biometric passports for Ghana.

By Emmanuel K. Dogbevi

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  1. ama says

    how long will it take to get the new passport ?i have interview coming up and i need a passport.

  2. Kofi says

    How soon can one apply for the passport? How long will it it take to get the new passport? I need the passport to apply for a scholarship?

  3. Gideon says

    please i will like to know if you have a passport and it has not expire yet can you go on to use it untill it expire before you renew to the biometric, and how long will it take if it cames to renewing the old passport.thank you

  4. FRANK says


  5. Amadus Ahmed says

    would you entertain agents (connection men and women) who are not member of your office just with intention of leading innocent people to secure passport for them but later deceive them?

  6. yussif adam walikeitu says

    please i submitted my passport last year at the immigration office of ghana accra in june and please since now didnt get any information from them and whats wrong wit the delayment just need answer from minister minister

  7. peter says

    what are the advantages and disadvantages of biometricpassport

  8. ann says

    @ PETER:there is not disadvantage having biometricpassport,rather its moore easy when u have to go for visas etc. but no one can use ur passport if they stole it.
    @AMA-KOFI-FRANK:the passport renew takes 10 working days,in any embassy..
    @GIDEON:and who has not expire passport he/she use it till the expire day come,then later on u go for a new one..@AMADUS:if u need to do a passport the best thing is to go to any gh embassy to do it,no connection can help u out..
    @frank:The cost is around 250euros,150pounds,dipend where u are applying..
    @ yussif :what are still waiting go and check for ur passport..
    @kofi:yes i need a passport to apply for the scholaship as well u will need to apply 4 visa



  10. nurudeenmohammed says

    how long will it take to get the new passport ?i have interview coming up and i need a passport.

  11. Ben Amoh says

    l wanted to know how long does it take to get the new biometric passport when you submit your application

  12. Haison says

    please, may i know whether there is any amount else to pay aside the Ghc50. and how long will it take to be ready

  13. ivy says

    please i want ask when will u come to ksi becos if i don’t know the office where can i get it

  14. Reginald Nii Darko Dodoo says

    i have been a victim over seven years trying to get a passport on my own. I know very well that the passport may bear my name but it is the property of the government.
    I want you to give me all the necessary procedure needed to be taken into consideration when one is apply for a national passport.

  15. Reginald Nii Darko Dodoo says

    I also want to plead with u to help me this time to be able to obtain my passport me becos i have waist some fantablous chances in my life due to the delay in the process of the documents. I want be assured by the commission the fastness and reliability of the processing of the documentation aspect of the whole thing.
    Thank you.

  16. MR GARIBA says

    i have lost my passport i dont know how long will it take to get a new one please can you email me just to let me know how many working days does it take thank you

  17. Derrick says

    How much dose it cost

  18. jeffrey bitner lawsom says

    how long will this biometric passport take to be processed,and what is the cost involved to obtain an express passport.And also how many center can one go to obtain a biometric passport apart from the passport office.cos i need one urgently.

  19. Agyapong Joseph says

    Please, when and where can I obtain the biometric passport since I don’t have a passport at all

  20. joseph says

    pls i will like to ask about the new passport how can i get one and how long will it take for me to have it?……thank u…

  21. Kelvin boakye says

    Please i want to know how long it will take and the cost and also how i can obtain one

  22. Issifu Silas says

    what are the processes required for one to obtain the passport?
    what am i suppose to carry along for the process?

  23. pauline gawu says

    where can i get the form for biometic passport?

  24. paul says

    how will i get my passport ready….. and how much will i pay…!! where should i go in Accra to get my passport done…!!!

  25. Shaibu{Ras Abortion} says

    Help, Help, Help, oh my God, what is happening at the passport office? We thought the introduction of the biometric passport was in to ease the pressure and tension and do way with these so call middle men or passport agents, I come from the northern part of Ghana, I was the new passport office that they allocated for we those coming from the 3 northern regions and the rest of the regions.
    When you walk to the entrance, what is written on the notice board is that, Mondays are meant for only those coming from the 3 northern regions, that is for those coming to submit , and within these period, your documents has to be check, and you will be vetted as they call it.
    Almost all of us coming from the 3 northern regions were there before 6:30am, and you will not believe these, they came out and made it clear to every body that, yesterday was meant for those coming from the north, and when they started , they left us seated for almost 5hours without any one coming to tell us what is happening, all we could see was that, they will come out and be mentioning different names, and not our applications that they took , we were hearing names like Nana Ofosua, Kwame Osei and the typical Shanti names, brothers and sisters in here, please I’m not being tribalistic, but you can view what I’m saying the way u like it, mention who ever is in charge of checking some of these things should spend sometime out there without any one making him or her up and u will see what is happening, we actually left there yesterday 7:20pm, that is we those coming from the north,.
    We were there when u see southerners walking in to the compound, calling agents that they are in, and before you will notice, they will walk in there, take their pictures and come out and go whiles we those whom they were suppose to attend to on that particular day were seated, its Ashame to those authorities in charge, I remember an officer telling me that, if I want it easy , I should get some one there, and pay him some money and hand over my documents to him or her, that he will stand for everything and when its done, then he will call me to come take the picture, what is happening to mother Ghana at all? Where are we heading towards to? Where is our pride and dignity as Ghanaians when every one try to take advantage of the other?
    This is what or how they treat us the Northerners and when we react then they say we are violence. We stand and fight for our rights, we hate to see people looking down upon us, trying to cheat us.
    Please some one should look into these and take immediate actions before something bad happens over there.
    Thank you.

    Shaibu{ Ras Abortion}


    please i wan to know the requirement for the procedure. i really need it please!!

  27. Gabriel says

    Pls wat is the produre in acquring a passport in ksi, how long does it take n the cost involed.

  28. fassy says

    Well the cost for the passport forms is Ghc 50 for one month and Ghc 100 for two weeks.please dont be deceived by anybody.go to Eco Bank for further notice.

  29. kofi says

    am realy confused am a ghanian born and brought up in nigeria now i want to return back home but my parent dont want to come and swear never to reture i want to come back to ghana and get my passport and base in ghana so how will i go about it now am worried…

  30. Anonymous says

    Please if my biometric passport is lost. I’m i to go through the same process again? Or how do i get a new one.

  31. Ghanaman says

    This your copycat is what is killing our dear country! Ghana has more pressing needs than spending the country’s scarce resource on biometric passport.
    If I may ask, how many Africa countries are complying to this exorbitant biometric passport??
    Atta, you fear Obroni bully, don’t you? Please prioritise the contry’s needs ok?

  32. isifu Ibrahim says

    Nonsense bio passport tricks!!! Senseless western enslavement !! Ignorant Ghanaian policy makers !!! Sheer waste of the country ‘s scarce resources!!! Wise up Africa !!

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