Ghanaian lawyer to be deported from US for illegal marriage

A Ghanaian woman who is a US immigration lawyer found guilty of marrying illegally to gain permanent US residence is awaiting sentencing and deportation to Ghana, the Washington Post reports.

The lawyer, Lilian Asante’s sentencing has been delayed while her deportation details are being worked out. Asante was due to be sentenced to probation when the Judge learned immigration officials planned to take her into custody immediately, the report said.

It said the 38-year-old woman is not fighting her deportation to Ghana, but wants to avoid a long detention before leaving. Meanwhile, her lawyers have secured a deal to allow her to stay home with electronic monitoring until she is removed from the US.

Asante and her ex-husband both pleaded guilty in September to unlawfully entering into marriages to evade US immigration laws.

By Emmanuel K. Dogbevi

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  1. MARY says

    ok where can i start-if the government would look into marriages of women marrying american men they will know which marriage is fake.we all know 95% of those marriages are for women to get soon as they get legal they start bring the rest of the clan.then its divorce time.look into tha websites anh how many women say in their profiles”looking for american husband”.as the saying goes money talks-b—s— walks.the young girls are good at getting what they want and no government will stop them.true?

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