Vodafone Ghana improves broadband services

Vodafone has announced that it has substantially improved its new consumer broadband tariffs saying the service now offers double the current usage allowance for most tariffs.

A statement issued in Accra on Monday said the new usage allowance for the basic tariff was now 10GB per month compared to the previous allowance of 5GB.

Vodafone broadband customers had been demanding an increase to limits and on the overall quality of service offered.

“Some of our valued customers have in recent times suffered outages in service. Vodafone regrets any reduction in service whether caused as a result of the large scale technology upgrade programme underway or caused by circumstances beyond our control such as the break in the SAT 3 submarine cable between Cote d’Ivoire and Portugal,” the statement said.

It pledged that the company would constantly improve quality and service “and by this significant improvement in our broadband service we are improving the terms of the offer to our loyal customers. Our aim is to provide high speed internet access to all of our customers.”

The statement said Vodafone had also introduced new highly competitive packages for its commercial broadband consumers.

It said the commercial internet access offer was aimed at providing good capacity for internet café operators wishing to provide their own consumer service, adding that a dedicated team had been set up in Vodafone to serve these customers.

Source: GNA

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  1. Anawoma says

    I think the divestiture of GT to Vodafone is one of the best decisions Kufour ever took in Ghana. Now Ghana able to compete with the international world as far as telecommunication is concernsed.

  2. Onua says

    where do you live? in or outside Ghana? You do not know what are you talk about? what kind of best decision you are talking about?
    A thirdworld country with its thirdworld people paying 50USD for so called Easy surf with a limit of 10GB per month , and you sit somewhere and applauding this British SAKAWA fruad stars called vodafon? I used to live in one industrial country , I paid less than 40USD for unlimited access! I do not think the British will pay for 10GB per month! If that is Bad for Brits then equally Bad too! for the citizens in county of operations GHANA!

    The brits must go! The brits must go! The brits must go!! Back to England!!!

  3. FRANK JORDAN says

    I think we only have to give it a try and see what will be come of it.
    its as if Ghana is still in its I.T darkness so any network Company that hear of us
    would like to use us as platforms to gain.Recently a network company came and every body rushed to join and…………….its seems our ignorance of some facts in this information age is pushing us to hang on to things like this.

  4. Akua says

    when youn are making a great change like the area codes, pls try and make it public so all will know.

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