Ghana’s commercial farmers asked to form cooperatives

The 2009 Sunyani Municipal Best Farmer, Mr. Joe Bennet on Friday called on commercial farmers in the country to form cooperatives to enable them to solicit funds to expand the operations.

He cited that it would enable them to secure funds to acquire agro-processing machines to add value to their produce to enable them to derive more income.

Mr Bennet in an interview with GNA in Sunyani, said that such cooperatives would also encourage farmers to undertake modern agriculture practices to increase yield and assist in creating ready market for their farm produce.

He regretted that due to lack of adequate financial and logistical support, many farmers were engaging in subsistence farming.

Mr. Bennet called on government to provide storage facilities to avoid post-harvest loses.

He said it would be appropriate for cooperatives in Ghana to fix machines for agro-processing at central points to reduce cost of transporting farm produce to the plants sites instead of supporting individuals to own such facilities.

Mr. Bennet said to ensure sustainable agriculture in the country, government should channel funds for farmers through the Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies in collaboration with the Regional and District Agricultural Directorates.

He explained that these bodies had the capacity to identify potential and well-established farmers for assistance.

Source: GNA

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