Ghana 2010 Census to go ahead

Government Statistician, Dr Grace Bediako, on Tuesday said, the 2010 Population and Housing Census would definitely be held this year, but she did not give the exact period.

The Census, estimated to cost $50 million, was originally scheduled to be conducted in March this year.

Briefing the press in Accra, Dr Bediako said the steering committee of the 2010 census was considering several options and based on its technical decisions, a proposal would be made to government as to the exact time the census should be held.

“There are issues such as the weather conditions and movement of people both internally and outside the country, that might affect the counting and knowing the regular population, which is found within the borders of the country and these must be examined critically,” she said.

“But the Census will definitely not be in March but it will be held this year,” she added, ruling out the possibility of the census being done during June or July due to the World Cup in South Africa and the weather.

Dr Bediako said the results of the trial census system and the field work, which had been completed, were now being incorporated into the strategies and instruments for the main census.

The trial census also serves as a basis for gathering data processing experience, she said, adding that, there was the need to allow enough time between the trial and the main census for maximum effect.

The secretariat has estimated to capture about 25 million people during the census.

Finance Minister Dr Kwabena Duffuor said government had so far allocated GH¢37 million, representing more than 50 per cent of the census budget, which is a demonstration of government’s commitment to the process.

He said the budgetary provisions had enabled the Ghana Statistical Service and supporting institutions to make progress in the planning and implementation of the programme.

“All data collection instruments that would guide the field exercise have also been developed and tested, procedures for recruitment, training and fielding of interviewers, supervisors and monitors have been tested and mechanism for data entry and processing have been set up,” he said.

Dr Duffuor said by the end of March 2010, all materials, including the instruments, maps, and publicity packages would be available and procedures and organizational structures for the main census developed.

Source: GNA

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