Best farmer urges Ghanaian youth to enter farming

Mr. Kwaku Azubire, Nkoranza South District best farmer, has urged unemployed youth in the area to engage in farming to improve their living conditions.

Mr. Azubire was sharing his experiences with the youth of Ahyiayem to encourage those interested to take up farming.

He expressed concern about the alarming rate at which the youth of Nkoranza travelled by land through the Sahara Desert to Libya without taking into consideration the risks involved in such adventure.

Mr. Azubire said he travelled to Mali, Nigeria, Cameroon, Libya, Niger, Benin, Togo and Gabon for greener pastures these proved fruitless.

He said he returned from Gabon in 2004 and started serious farming and could boast of a number of viable projects he had established through agriculture.

He has acres of yam, maize, cassava, plantain, cowpeas and groundnuts as well as cattle, sheep, goats and fowls.

Mr. Azubire advised traditional authorities and land owners to release land to the youth determined to go into farming.

He expressed concern about the deplorable condition of the road that links Ahyiayem and Kyirem since foodstuffs got rotten because of lack of means of transport to marketing centres during the rainy season.

Mr. Azubire called on the district assembly to liaise with the Department of Feeder Roads to rehabilitate the road to facilitate the easy movement of the farmers and their produce.

Source: GNA

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