Planner calls for holistic approach to reconstruction of Kumasi Central Market

A Kumasi-based industrial planner, Nyaaba Aweeba Azongo, says the proposed reconstruction of the Kumasi Central Market should go beyond physical development.

He is of the view that any intervention without a holistic plan to satisfy all interest groups in the economic enclave is bound to fail.

As a result of perennial fire outbreaks at the market, city authorities awarded a contract for the redevelopment of the facility last year. Work is however yet to commence due to what officials say are financial and operational constraints.

Speaking to Luv FM, Mr. Azongo said there is an urgent need to redefine the development path for the market through what he terms ‘a stakeholder’ audit’. He believes a socially-acceptable plan would need to be fashioned out and discussed with all parties to pave way for the market to be developed as a national asset.

“When you look at a working population of over 500,000, it gives you an idea about the strategic importance of the central market to the economy of Kumasi and its also a strategic national asset but we’ve not being able to properly define the stakeholders to this whole enterprise and to see how best we can source their views in coming out with a major blueprint”, said Mr. Azongo.

The planner says the leadership of the central market should own the process of determining the future of the area.

“It goes beyond engaging a private contractor because your plan could be technically feasible or economically viable but if it is not socially acceptable there is no way you can implement it with success,” he said.

The recent fire outbreak, which occurred over the weekend, razed down over 600 stalls in the market.

by Kofi Adu Domfeh

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