Man jailed for Canadian visa scam

A man has been jailed for 12 months over his part in a Canadian visa scam.

The 38-year-old man, Eric Nana Sarpong, has been sentenced to a year’s hard labour by the Kumasi Circuit Court. He was found guilty of conning a trader, promising him that he could provide him with a Canadian visa in return for a large sum of money.

Police Chief Inspector Isaac Mensah-Apenteng told the court that the trader, Kwadwo Gyasi, had told his sister that he was intending to travel abroad and that he needed a Canadian visa. She introduced him to Sarpong and the two men made an agreement for the visa in exchange for the charge.

After taking Gyasi’s money Sarpong went into hiding before he was arrested by police in May 2008. He has now been sentenced after first trying to jump a court bail. He was later re-arrested and will now spend a year in prison.

Canadian visas are highly sought after as they offer great opportunities for people looking for a new life. Levels of assimilation among people from African countries, as well as those from China and the rest of Asia are very good, indicating that settling in Canada is a good choice for people from developing countries.

Source: globalvisas

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