Ghanaians urged to do frequent exercises

Dr Ann Bannerman-Richter, Chief Executive Officer of The Longevity Project, has called on Ghanaians to begin the New Yew with more physical exercises and also control their eating habits in order to remain healthy at all times.

She said good nutrition in addition to undertaking exercises for total body fitness would not only keep the body healthy but increase productivity.

Dr Bannerman-Richter made the call at the end of year Accra International Marathon and Team Relay held in Accra on Friday.

The event, which started from the Aviation Social Centre in Accra, through to some principal streets of the capital ended at the starting point.

About 100 participants drawn from corporate bodies and institutions as well as non-governmental organizations, took part in the three-hour walk which was organised by The Longevity Project.

Dr Bannerman-Richter said the human body was like a machine that adapts to situations especially in the form of exercise, and has the capacity to perform, adding that the fewer demand you placed on it, the weaker it becomes.

She said many overweight people bemoan the fact that the less they eat the more they gain weight and they attribute their problems to a ‘slow’ metabolism.

The Chief Executive Officer expressed the hope that the people would cultivate the habit of exercising and to improve upon their mental, physical, spiritual and social wellness.

The event was sponsored by Fit for Life with support from the Aviation Social Centre.

Source: GNA

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