NDC asked to stop blaming NPP and deliver election promises

ndc-t-shirtThe ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC), has been urged to focus on delivering on its election campaign promises and stop blaming the New Patriotic Party (NPP) for the country’s harsh economic conditions.

Mr Emmanuel Aidoo, an N.P.P. activist in the Bibiani-Anwhiaso-Bekwai District, said what Ghanaians were demanding, was an improvement in their living conditions, jobs and money in their pockets but not excuses.

Addressing a press conference held by the party’s Youth Wing at Bibiani, he said, it was difficult to rationalize why the “NDC finds it always convenient” to hold the NPP responsibility for its non-performance.

The youth had met the press to respond to what they said was “dirt throwing and harassment” by the NDC in the area to ruin the reputation high ranking members of the NPP including former District Chief Executive Kingsley Adjei-Manu.

Mr Aidoo said if there was evidence of wrong doing against any member of the party, who has held a public office, the right and lawful thing to do was to prosecute such a person in court.

“Political threats, intimidation and harassment would certainly not do. This is unhelpful to the sustenance of peace.”

He said the way the NDC activists were terrorizing perceived supporters of the NPP in the district including groups like the cocoa mass spraying gangs, public and civil servants gave cause for concern and must be condemned.

The NPP Government, he said, left office with an impressive record of socio-economic achievement and that no amount of name calling could erase this.

Source: GNA

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  1. Jeremiah Opoku says

    This “blame game” as chosen to be called has marked the very of democratic practise in our beloved country. It hails from the neccessity to paint your fellow opponent black so as to win the scarred trust of the people amidst shroudness, confusion and chaos. But for how long will we as citizens allow ourselves to be lead astray from the truth by decietful politicians? The time has come for us as people to say NO to lies and corruptive politics, the need fall on you and I to wipe this shameful act to save future generations. The time is now my people, let us form a unified front to say NO to dirty politics. Thank you.

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