Volta University to make first intake in September 2010 – Amenowode

The first State-funded university in the Volta Region is expected to make its first intake in September 2010, Mr Joseph Amenowode, Volta Regional Minister, has said.

He was speaking in Ho at the launch of the Volta Trade and Investment Fair, scheduled for Ho in November this year.

Mr Amenowode said issues concerning documentation of the site for the project were being finalized for swift commencement of the project.

He said the first two campuses would be sited in Ho and Hohoe, with other learning centres being located in other strategic towns in due course.

Mr Amenowode said the university is one of the many development projects earmarked for the region and called on the natives both home and abroad to contribute their quota towards its growth.

The Minister asked traditional rulers and landowners to make land available to enhance the speedy progression of the project, saying the project would bring development to their areas.

He said, “as you all know, the main legacy that is available in the Volta Region that we can bequeath to the generation yet unborn is education,” and called on stakeholders to continue to support the university project to make it a reality.

Source: GNA

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  1. It is an act of piracy, for any body or group of person any where in the world to use the name VOLTA UNIVERSITY OR ITS ALLIED COLLEGES, without the express permission of its Founding President, Professor Duru Earnest Chidi. The name Volta University is a registered name,therefore any group using this name with my express permision, may face the wrath of Law, through International Organization. BE WARNED AND ADVISED.

    WEBSITE:www.vuc-ng.org, in diaspora Nigeria.

  2. Lucas Dagadu says

    OK Have you also Registered the name “The University of the Volta”?

    That is ours. keep yours!

  3. GOOD MANERS says

    where is your university? well, deep the name. however, how have you come into contact with such a name?
    are you just feeling the region?

  4. RAPHAEL says

    why at all are you people (political representatives of Volta) not working for the good of the region? the reason being that any project that has been promised to the good people of Volta always delays. until our votes are needed to accomplish your selfish desires. we are also beginning to think now. lets try to eradicate that habit of selfishness and press the people at the top so that we will also be partakers of the national cake. not only contributing into a pool where we have no sense of benefiting

  5. Zikpi Christian says

    let’s not take the name into consideration at the expense of contributing towards the development of this project ..after all it belongs to Ghana,Africa and the world as a whole……………may God help us

  6. humphreyleonard says

    please how can we access the universities site and if there is a contact available,,please let us have it and the application process too.please make it available for us
    thank you

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