How a girl in Ghana scams an American man

cyber-crimeFor most of the people who fall victims to scams, it is not because they are stupid. They are simply victims of human nature and their sense of compassion and the desire to help vulnerable people.

While some fall victim, as a result of their greed, others, are only following the human instinct to be kind to others – an instinct that scammers seem to ruthlessly exploit to their advantage.

One American man, who met a woman in Ghana and thought she needed help, or so she told him, ended up defrauding him. He wrote about his ordeal, which is not over yet, as it appears the scammers are out to fleece him of some more dollars.

He appears to be in a quagmire and he needs help as he indicates in this piece of information on
We are publishing the information unedited. The man is Dr. Kim Henry

I traveled to Ghana in 2006 for the first time. I was impressed by the friendliness of people there. I met a young girl in Aburi Garden who was gracious enough to show me around.

When I left, an e-mail correspondence ensued, in which she confessed romantic attraction to me.

Very soon, she wrote to tell me that she lost her job in a sewing factory. As I was grateful for her help as a tour guide one day, I sent her the money for a sewing machine, business cards, and a cell phone.

Later she said it was impossible to work in her house, so I sent her money to have a container converted to an office. She reportedly placed this on a street on Tema until the officials cleaned off the streets and forced her to move.

After that I sent her money to buy a piece of property adjacent to a busy road. The lawyer fees and land registration fees were enormous. And of course along the way, there were the usual illnesses of the girl and her family, them getting thrown out of their house, and countless other supposed difficulties.

When I finally said “no” to sending any more money, I got an e-mail from a supposed Interpol investigator saying they had been tracking these scammers for awhile and wanted to convict them. He had me send a lot of supporting documentation about my transactions.

The the policeman told me in Ghana courts of law, the victim of a scam crime must pay for the prosecution by a good attorney. I thought this was very weird, but I agreed to pay $1400 for the lawyer.

The case supposedly went to trial, and the scammers were convicted. I was awarded $21,300 in damages. But guess what? I was told the Ghana taxed court awards at 7%. When I sent this money, he guaranteed me that a check would be sent me by the Ghana embassy in Washington.

Now every day this attorney pesters me, saying I will lose the court award if I don’t pay the taxes soon. I wanted back-up evidence, and he sent me a scan of a court decree from the proceedings. Only trouble is, some words are not spelled correctly. It looks fishy to me. I remember that the phoney land deed was a very convincing piece of work.

Can anyone help me verify this policy of Ghana taxing victim compensation awards, and possibly verify the existence of the judge and the case number on this decree?

I hear it is common in Nigerian scams to offer “help” to a scam victim, in order to extract more money from them.

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  1. Kofi says

    Poor Guy

  2. Ash Kolo says

    Pal, it seems you have too much money and don’t know what to do with it. Donate it to a foundation or someting.

    Count your losses and cut that relationship. You ain’t going to get anything back Why don’t you check with the Ghanain high commission or embassy in your country about the existence of such a law or whatever you call it.

  3. Deepthi says

    Dear Sir,

    You have incurred a huge losses by trusting a stranger. There is no way to recover the money, unless and until the local police is involved. And you wouldnt have time and money to get the help of local police. It is also not assured that you would be receiving the money at the end. So please forget about the money lost and dont pay anyone involved even if they present you with the identity details saying he is a lawyer or attorney or whatever.

    There is a google toolbar available, which checks the content of email and tells you if the email is fraudulant or not. This site records all the fraudulant kind of emails earlied posted by victims and checks the content of your email with the email current available and lets you know if is scam or not. So kindly post your email correspondence in the tool bar and it will tell you, if the contents in the emails match with the fraudulent ones.


  4. ashie says

    i feel very sorry for you, and even Ghana police was part of this scam, if you dont know what to do with your money, go to the orphanage home and donate to them..
    dont send again, and if you need more help call ,Ghana Police Service-Head Quarters
    Placement on map is approximate
    Ring Rd. East
    Ring Rd. East, Accra, Greater Accra, Ghana
    021 228112‎
    021 773900‎

  5. losttoomuch says

    I was scammed big time by lover boy guy and his Ghana ringleader. I lost a lot and fell deeply into the trap over months as these guys are pros and big time scamers. then after posting the story on several romance scam sites was contacted by an ‘investigative’ reporter who tried to help and asked for evidence. Later he comes back with what he discovered of all the fake documents, he met the ringleader, traced back all the scene of the crime, was threatened and wants my ‘committment’ or ‘agreement’ to pay off his expenses and to avoid being exposed to the scammers if he took steps to get them arrested. No more info was fortcoming unless I made this ‘committment’. Clearly part of the ring and he was finding out how much I had reported to who and looking for another scam on the scam.

    Can someone tell me how to report the crimes without getting into another scam?

  6. frank obi says

    Very easy to report it without falling into the investigator’s trap.Firstly, you should check through the google by yourself on ghana police get all their telephone numbers and e-mail adress and contact them directly,tell them all your story.It is better for you to seek assistance yourself than to be offered assistance by someone else.Make sure you dont pay any more money. It is better for you to contact the ghana police if you wish to recorver the money or just sit down and forget about the losses

  7. US Citizen says

    I am not sure if it is a cultural difference or what, there are bad apples in every bunch, but it seems at least from an American perception, that there is a sheer lack of moral standing amongst these people. Theft by deception is what it is called here. The con game. I have spent many months studying this particular problem may even be a victim myself.
    Am I a victim? No, did what I did with genuine kindness in my heart, does that make it ok to accept money under false pretenses? And then turn around a say you go to church on Sunday, a bit hypocritical and self serving to say the least.
    Taking from someone under the false pretense of love is nothing more than paramount to a thief.
    I was not raised that way, and it just really bothers me that after reading some of the above replies it appears to be an accepted part of the culture there.
    So if it is accepted there, why should any Ghanian be trusted?

  8. mark brann says

    i have been scammed ,please if someone could just give me a correct email to the ipgs office in ghana i would be so thankful,,,but is there an honest policemanin ghana,,or for that matter even an honest human being in the whole counntry??

  9. cactus says

    This is called sakawa locally. You have been duped simple.

  10. US Citizen says

    Well, cactus, simply saying it as a matter of fact and not offering any information to help with the problem, at least to the guy you answered is further proof of the attitudes there.

  11. Oh Please... says

    US Citizen, u said it yourself: there’s bad apples in every bunch of them so don’t go speaking of “further proof of the attitudes there”. Concluding that everyone “there” is a scammer or has an immoral/thieving attitude is quite simplistic. Scams (and worse) happen in the US and elsewhere all the time. There’s no denying that scams take place in Ghana, Nigeria and so on and that this is deplorable but we can do without your unnecessarily condescending attitude. (And b4 u think it, I’m neither Ghanian nor Nigerian.)

    Dr. Henry, sorry about ur misadventure. Whether you decide to contact the Ghanian police or to just forget about the whole episode, don’t dish out more money to these alleged lawyers. They are definitely PHONY. And if the people commenting on this page seem to resign themselves to the situation, it’s only because they know that many African countries may not have the resources (equipment and know-how) to deal with such so we rather avoid becoming victims in the first place. Even getting the police getting involved may not recover your money… Sad.

  12. US Citizen says

    Well at least there is some life there. Yes, it is ‘simplistic’. But to accept it as a behavior, and not act against it, is somewhat non – proactive. Yes it is a problem, but it makes everyone look bad. I have read much on the subject of late.
    I hear of the white man oppressing everyone and using that as justification to steal. You know what I have never oppressed anyone. The damage it does is much greater than anyone thinks, in my case ‘UNICEF’ was brought into it. So not only has your people been damaged, but I will alway second guess anyone who tells me the work for UNICEF there.
    So, yes you are right, it is very simplistic, but the after effects take their toll on many as collateral damage.
    So simply taking it as a ‘one off’ and don’t do it again issue. is very simplistic in itself.
    The side effect of many of these episodes, especially from another culture has more far reaching effects than a ‘don’t do it again’.
    I say don’t apologize for anything, what is done is done. Take action there for the problem, because the side effects of it are not going to ever be good.
    Yes, there are problems in US too. But when you go screwing with feelings intentionally that are much more personal that stealing an apple, the after effects are going to be much greater.

  13. US Citizen says

    In a way, I wish I could post my entire story, but it is much too long to post here.
    I wish I could take you through the entire thing, so you could understand me as a normal person. I do not ever have a hope of recovering the money. As I gave freely and with an open heart. Yes, I will never take that chance again.

    My heart has hardened because of it. It is sad that people of diverse cultures cannot intermingle and make positive experiences together. I am old enough to know this really is a truth in life, but yet I will keep trying.

    You may not like my answers, but I will have the courage to fight for something better. Who knows, maybe some beliefs there will change because of it, who knows, I may reach one person to take action against it there as well. For if I just roll over and accept the behavior, it will linger and continue. So this is a passion I will not drop. For I believe, it is worth the battle.

    When one goes beyond what is business, into a more personal realm, there is much more passion than if someone just made a bad investment.

  14. Dua says

    “US Citizen”,
    I feel your pain and the emotional stress you are experiencing right now. I dont know how deep your losses are, or how it happened but I sympathize with you. However, holding that deep seated grudge and stereotyping an entire nation over a character flaw present in every nation and almost culture is dead wrong!

    I have been to 35 countries, and I live in New York. I can confirm that scam artists are in each and every one of the 35 countries that I have visited or lived in, especially New York. The first time I was ever scammed and later robbed was in New York. My car was stolen in New York by two girls I was trying to help. It took seventeen 911 calls and 10 different police officers. They all refused to write a simple police report till I called a politician. (My insurance at the time did not cover theft). Thats the personal part. Now how about all these corporate goons, scam artists(Bernie Madoff & co) and fake charaties knocking on my door every week. They scammed and still scam non-Americans too. Lying to make money is deplorable everywhere, regardless of how it was done.

    I can go on forever about my bitter experiences here, and I dont begrudge the whole US for that. I took action, resolved some of them and have prevented scams and robberies since. As to your passion and new found resolve to battle against scams( or whatever you call it ) in Ghana, we welcome it, but persistent tongue lashing an entire nation will not advance your cause and may even jeopardize it.

    If you still feel it in your heart to be charitable, there are genuine and legitimate agencies in the US and Ghana (Its not a lawless country). you can use them. Or walk into poor village or community and personally undertake a public project for the good of all. Due dilligence required.
    Take care

  15. US Citizen says

    My anger is passing, I needed to vent about it where the problem resided. I do know that if I ever caught my own doing something like this, I would have to come down very hard on them. I am just sad that the instant gratification thing seems to have taken hold at this level.

    But, if one is tired of not having and feels oppressed, not sure that if things are that bad we all would change a bit.

    We have the problem here of ‘entitlement’, when I read the other boards and see some of the little boys spewing their venom about the white man, being the cause, it saddens me. There is much more to that history than just the white man.

    As it sets right now, in my opinion, the white man is the oppressed, because he has no excuse or justification for bad behavior. Other people in the world can blame someone else.

    My point is this, we can always find an excuse not to do something ‘because’, when can we find an excuse to do something?

    We have problems here, we just don’t have this kind of problem.

    As I said my anger is passing, I am too old to live with bitterness.

  16. LynnLati says

    Ah, I have just recently recieved an email from a [email protected], she stated she is a poor girl from ghana and has no money to buy anything she said after 20 minutes that she loved me ( i was pretending to be my husband) and that she was really poor and wanted to buy a goat for 50usd… I went to money conversion website and 50 usd is worth 736,000 i said it would only buy a goat now i may be retarded buy i would not buy a got for 736,000 dollars these people are pathetic. I did start to feel bad for her but I know that this is just a scam… I have 5 kids I dont have alot of $$ but i figured hey if she is worse off then us why not help??? yea thank god i did not send any money… sorry for all of you that did… Next time you want to send thousands of dollars to someone why dont ya send it to me LOL god these people are really pathetic they prey on our human sympathy Thank GOD for this website!

  17. US Citizen says

    That is really 73.60 cedis I believe 736000 was old currency.

  18. Christopher Halczuk says

    Hi, I was scammed too. I brouse web side and I find page by title Accra ,Ghana scammers, if You check thise web you see for you salve wat is going on. My advise all peaple from Ghana the are looking for isy money. Dont bolive goverment and police and attorney.

  19. U.S. Citizen says

    I have read with real interest all of the comments here and having experienced these “scammers” myself I can trully understand the feelings and frustrations posted here…

    These gangs are very good at what they do. If they put the energy and intelect into something positive and legal they would be very productive citizens of their countries. I personally have decided to “write off” my loses and concentrate on more positive endeavors. I would however like to see these gangs punished and since they are criminals furthering a criminal enterprise and no RICO Provisions apply in Ghana I would like to see if anyone, as I am, is interested in establishing a ” bounty fund ” to hire local Ghananian thugs to search out and punish scammers. You know, maybe pay $1,500.00 (USD) for each scammer who’s fingers are cut off so they could never operate another keyboard. Don’t want them killed just marked for what they are…male and female!

  20. Another US Citizen says

    Now I really do not feel alone. About 2 years ago I was introduced to a Ghanaian man by a colleague in grad school. I then visited Ghana met the young man and we got married. We returned to the US and within a couple of weeks I realized that he used me just to get his green card. Anyway he went along his merry way but i notified the immigration authorities about the marital fraud so obviously that is in his file. In addition to that I also purchased half a acre of land in Accra only to find out that the person that I bought the land from sold it to someone else. He promised to give me back my money but he has since disconnected his phone so that there is no way I can contact him. I do need my money especially now because times are hard. Getting bounty hunters is a very good idea then you would just see bodies with bullet holes strewn all over the Accra. That would send a message to future scammers. Fraudulent activities for Africans is a way of life..that is their culture is ingrained in them. They all do it and the wome are just as bad as the men . Their humility is just a way of getting you to trust them but they are all the same.

  21. Another US Citizen says

    There is no way this man is keeping my hard earned cash. If it takes me a million years I am going to get my money back. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I can do this either legally or illegally. Please do not tell me to forget about it because I would not get my money back. I try to keep pessimism out of my vocabulary so anyone with any positive suggestions please let me know…because he can run but he cannot hide…people like him really need to be taught a lesson and to be made an example of.

  22. Al Beasley says

    You want your money back. I am not sure that is possible. I do know that if you are dealings with a Russian scammer and contact the embassy, they will set up a sting to capture them. But getting money back, I dont think so. Its gone and thats all there is to it.

  23. DavidinSeward says

    Hi all,

    I have been corresponding via IM at yahoo with two women from Ghana. They both pledged their love to me after 5 min of chatting. At first I was intrigued by there interest but soon became uncomfortable with their persistent comments of how much they loved me and that we would be together. I thought that this was fishy and did some reasearch and found several sites discussing dating scams from Ghana. Even the U.S. embassy in Ghana has put out a warning. The link is Today while chatting with one of these young ladies she indicated that her mother was now in the hospital with a broken leg and she could not pay to help her. Before she asked for money I sent the link from the U.S. embassy and when she asked about it I informed her that I had obtained this information. Within seconds she logged off. So if you are corresponding with one of these young ladies it may be handy to keep this link and send it to them. Especially if they start to ask for money. I hope this information will be helpfull.

  24. Yaw Seidu says

    It’s GOOD

    Scam has really Developed some part of Ghana , People from Ghana and the Government should be Happy , Now there is not much Stealing and Robbing , SCAM HAS DEVELOPED GHANA VERY MUCH ..


  25. doug says

    hi been reading thins. i am talking to a nice girl from there. have sent a few dollars is it possible she can be for real or are all scammers?

  26. Ruth Alvarez says

    Someone begins this article by saying that you didn’t get scammed because you’re stupid…well, he’s lying. You did get scammed because you’re stupid. Plain and simple. Sorry.

  27. doug says

    i have confronted this girl on my findings that she is scamming me. she was upset . then do not send me one dime of your money was her response. i like you and not your money which from the beginning you told me you had little .why dont you trust me/ that was her answer any comments? am i missing something?

  28. randy k says

    you are a dumb ass

  29. Morgan says

    I am wanting to make contact with Dr Kim Henry. The man who posted his story here about his time in Ghana where he met this young woman. I would really like to chat with you about this as I have contacts in Ghana , though I am living here in New Zealand ….I hope to be traveling to Ghana perhaps as early as March 2010 this year. I cannot divulge what I know as yet here on this site ….but after we talk together & with due consideration there may be an opportunity to take this further in a very effective manner. I am not African . I am a New Zealand born citizen. My contact email address is [email protected] & my personal cell phone number is 0064210780301.

    This is a genuine concern that is having a serious impact & I have read through the postings here. I think it may be possible to set up a collaborative effort through a network of people , but it must be managed with maturity & caution. Being discreet & patient is very important …..

    I understand that from these experiences there will be a lot of heat! but its still very very important to channel this carefully .

    I hope you will get this message Dr Kim Henry so that we can discuss this further.

    Kindest regards

  30. Jeff says

    Below is a pure example of how it works. This is the actual dialog between myself and “Bernice”. This is after about two weeks of chatting on Yahoo and her madly falling in love with me. She had told me the day before that her father was shot and in the hospital. It may also be a good example of calling their bluff. Hope it helps

    Bernice Amankwa (1/31/2010 4:51:42 PM): helloo baby
    montyjsg (1/31/2010 4:51:59 PM): Hi, How are you?
    Bernice Amankwa (1/31/2010 4:52:26 PM): baby i am tired and very disturb baby
    montyjsg (1/31/2010 4:52:42 PM): How’s Dad?
    Bernice Amankwa (1/31/2010 4:53:16 PM): baby my dad need to undergo surgical operation
    Bernice Amankwa (1/31/2010 4:53:36 PM): the condition he is in now is very bad
    Bernice Amankwa (1/31/2010 4:53:53 PM): he has not being able to say a word till now
    montyjsg (1/31/2010 4:54:04 PM): When is surgery. Where was he shot
    Bernice Amankwa (1/31/2010 4:54:50 PM): below his chest and his kidney is seriously affected
    montyjsg (1/31/2010 4:55:14 PM): How did this happen. Where were you?
    Bernice Amankwa (1/31/2010 4:56:12 PM): when i closed from school,i went to that friend of mine that i told u abt ok
    montyjsg (1/31/2010 4:56:16 PM): The good news is that many people live with one kidney. That’s really all you need
    Bernice Amankwa (1/31/2010 4:57:17 PM): baby he was having one ok and now that is also damage
    montyjsg (1/31/2010 4:57:55 PM): I see. So were you at your friend’s house when this happened?
    Bernice Amankwa (1/31/2010 4:58:54 PM): yes i came with her in the evening to eat dinner so after i left with her to spend the night at her place since i wont be talking to u that night
    Bernice Amankwa (1/31/2010 4:59:55 PM): so i was in bed when my mom called me that they are in the Mission Hopsital so i should come there immediately,it was 4:30am by then
    montyjsg (1/31/2010 5:00:29 PM): And why did this happen. Was someone after your dad, or was it just a random robbery?
    Bernice Amankwa (1/31/2010 5:01:06 PM): she was crying so i rushed there with my friend to see what was going on when i found out that my dad was in critical situation
    Bernice Amankwa (1/31/2010 5:01:18 PM): it is a robbery
    montyjsg (1/31/2010 5:01:39 PM): And you mom was not hurt?
    Bernice Amankwa (1/31/2010 5:02:11 PM): he recieved some bruise on her face but is not that serious
    Bernice Amankwa (1/31/2010 5:02:19 PM): she is in the hospital now
    Bernice Amankwa (1/31/2010 5:03:11 PM): we have a family gathering this morning with my uncle and some family relatives becos we have to raise some money for the operation
    Bernice Amankwa (1/31/2010 5:03:52 PM): my uncle has volunter to donate one kidney to him so now it is left with the money for the operation
    montyjsg (1/31/2010 5:03:59 PM): Are you OK, all you OK by yourself . Is your friend still with you?
    Bernice Amankwa (1/31/2010 5:04:58 PM): she was here all day,she brought us some food and she left,she will be here tomorow
    Bernice Amankwa (1/31/2010 5:05:12 PM): she is the one wh have being helping us with cooking
    Bernice Amankwa (1/31/2010 5:05:30 PM): baby,this is a life i have never experience in my life
    montyjsg (1/31/2010 5:05:41 PM): Are you staying at the hospital at night?
    montyjsg (1/31/2010 5:06:03 PM): I don’t want you at home alone
    Bernice Amankwa (1/31/2010 5:07:03 PM): yes baby,i a in the hospital with my mom,we stay here and we have also report the case to the police
    montyjsg (1/31/2010 5:07:20 PM): Did they catch the robber?
    Bernice Amankwa (1/31/2010 5:08:34 PM): no baby,they said,they are investigating so we hae leave that part to them,all what i am concern now is how to get my dad of that bed becos i can stand and watch him die
    Bernice Amankwa (1/31/2010 5:08:56 PM): no i cant afford to loose him at this time that i need him the most
    montyjsg (1/31/2010 5:08:57 PM): When is his surgery?
    Bernice Amankwa (1/31/2010 5:10:59 PM): the bullet was romove yesterday but now it is left with the kidney,he needs kidney to live so we had a family gathering and my uncle have voluntier to donate one to for so now it is left wth the moeny
    Bernice Amankwa (1/31/2010 5:12:17 PM): we are to pay $8000 for the kidney transplanting and as i talk to u now,we have being able to raise 4000 so it is left with 4000 to come up with
    montyjsg (1/31/2010 5:12:28 PM): Keep faith that everything will work out
    Bernice Amankwa (1/31/2010 5:12:33 PM): and that is what we are struggle to raise now
    Bernice Amankwa (1/31/2010 5:13:20 PM): the doctor told us this afternoon to try and come up with the money in the next 48hrs or loose him
    montyjsg (1/31/2010 5:13:37 PM): Did they confirm that your Uncles kidney is a match?
    Bernice Amankwa (1/31/2010 5:13:42 PM): as i chat to u now,i have being walking all day
    Bernice Amankwa (1/31/2010 5:14:03 PM): yes he was here today for a test and he matches that of my dad
    Bernice Amankwa (1/31/2010 5:15:28 PM): and i am evening feeling a liitle dizy now
    montyjsg (1/31/2010 5:15:49 PM): Go lay down and get some rest
    Bernice Amankwa (1/31/2010 5:16:29 PM): baby i need ur help…i need ur help very badly now
    montyjsg (1/31/2010 5:17:43 PM): What can I do?
    Bernice Amankwa (1/31/2010 5:17:44 PM): i cant stand and watch my dad die…i want u to asist me clear this dept so the operation can go on ok
    montyjsg (1/31/2010 5:18:45 PM): I may be able to help a little, but I would need to pay the hospital directly on your dad’s account
    Bernice Amankwa (1/31/2010 5:20:56 PM): oh baby…for now all the contribution that the family made is with me now which is 4000$ and we are left with the remaining 4000$
    montyjsg (1/31/2010 5:22:06 PM): I cannot help that much
    Bernice Amankwa (1/31/2010 5:22:46 PM): and even if u send it the account it will take some days before i will get it and we dont have much time to waste…
    Bernice Amankwa (1/31/2010 5:23:09 PM): if i may ask u,how much can u help us with baby
    Bernice Amankwa (1/31/2010 5:23:09 PM): ?
    montyjsg (1/31/2010 5:23:39 PM): I don’t know. I need the name, address and phone number of the hospital
    Bernice Amankwa (1/31/2010 5:24:29 PM): the name is Mission Hospital
    montyjsg (1/31/2010 5:25:42 PM): I will need the address and phone number as I will need to speak with them directly. And your dad’s full name.
    Bernice Amankwa (1/31/2010 5:26:40 PM): ok baby
    Bernice Amankwa (1/31/2010 5:26:48 PM): just a minute
    Bernice Amankwa (1/31/2010 5:26:58 PM): let me get my handbag and give u that ok
    montyjsg (1/31/2010 5:35:57 PM): Never Mind,
    montyjsg (1/31/2010 5:36:33 PM): I got the information form the internet. I will call tomorrow regarding your father. All I need is his full name.
    Bernice Amankwa (1/31/2010 5:38:58 PM): i am here now
    Bernice Amankwa (1/31/2010 5:39:15 PM): i called my mom at the hospital to get me the doctors info
    montyjsg (1/31/2010 5:39:42 PM): I have all the information I need, just your dads full name
    montyjsg (1/31/2010 5:40:27 PM): I thought you were at the hospital?
    Bernice Amankwa (1/31/2010 5:40:28 PM): oh ok,which info did u get?
    Bernice Amankwa (1/31/2010 5:40:55 PM): 5 minutes walk from the hospital
    montyjsg (1/31/2010 5:41:01 PM): I got the hospital address and phone number
    Bernice Amankwa (1/31/2010 5:41:26 PM): which is….?
    Bernice Amankwa (1/31/2010 5:42:23 PM): i just called my mom to get me the info that u are looking
    Bernice Amankwa (1/31/2010 5:42:55 PM): the doctor’s name is Dr.Micheal
    montyjsg (1/31/2010 5:42:56 PM): I have it.
    montyjsg (1/31/2010 5:43:07 PM): Manna Mission Hospital provides students with a comprehensive experience in international medicine. Malaria, malnutrition, pneumonia, tropical ulcers, typhoid fever, inguinal hernias, schistosomiasis and pregnancy complications are commonly treated. A public health initiative is also lead by the hospital. The facility is recognized by the University of Virginia Office of International Health as a training site for Geographic Medicine Scholars. LocationManna Mission Hospital is located in Teshie, which is roughly 20 km from Accra, the capital city of Ghana. Teshie is historically a fishing village and now has become an extended suburb of Accra.
    montyjsg (1/31/2010 5:43:52 PM): This site also has the address, phone and e-mail
    Bernice Amankwa (1/31/2010 5:44:42 PM): no baby it is not this hospital..i dont stay oin teshie
    montyjsg (1/31/2010 5:45:18 PM): This is the only Mission Hospital in Ghana
    Bernice Amankwa (1/31/2010 5:45:25 PM): this hospital is a government one but were my dad is a private
    Bernice Amankwa (1/31/2010 5:46:17 PM): it is a private one and that is in kotobabi
    montyjsg (1/31/2010 5:46:47 PM): well then give me the full name of the hospital. There are no other hospitals in Ghana called Mission Hospital
    montyjsg (1/31/2010 5:48:31 PM): These are the hospitals in Kotobabi:
    montyjsg (1/31/2010 5:48:44 PM): Korle Bu Teaching Hospital – More 37 Military Hospital – More Nyaho Medical Center – 021 77 53 41 – More Achimota Hospital – More Ridge Hospital Korle Bu Teaching Hospital – More 37 Military Hospital – More Nyaho Medical Center – 021 77 53 41 – More Achimota Hospital – More Ridge Hospital
    montyjsg (1/31/2010 5:48:59 PM): which one is it
    Bernice Amankwa (1/31/2010 5:51:09 PM): i know all this hospitals
    montyjsg (1/31/2010 5:51:41 PM): Which one is it?
    Bernice Amankwa (1/31/2010 5:53:25 PM): but i told u it is mission hospital
    Bernice Amankwa (1/31/2010 5:54:01 PM): and all the was that u are mention are hosptals that i know and these are hospitals that have many branches ok
    montyjsg (1/31/2010 5:54:17 PM): There is no Mission hospital in Kotobabi
    Bernice Amankwa (1/31/2010 5:55:39 PM): the other name i know is ST,MICHEAL
    montyjsg (1/31/2010 5:55:54 PM): I’m sorry but I cannot help until I have all of the hospital information; name address and phone number as well as your father’s full name. I will not speak with a doctor
    Bernice Amankwa (1/31/2010 5:56:15 PM): baby i am confuse now and i will love if u can call the doctor now
    montyjsg (1/31/2010 5:56:35 PM): I will not speak with a doctor, only the hospital
    Bernice Amankwa (1/31/2010 5:56:53 PM): the doctor name is DR MICHEAL
    Bernice Amankwa (1/31/2010 5:58:12 PM): the number number for the hospital is 00233-276-339627
    Bernice Amankwa (1/31/2010 5:58:36 PM): my dad’s name is PATRICK
    Bernice Amankwa (1/31/2010 5:58:56 PM): mom calling,let me talk to her now
    montyjsg (1/31/2010 5:59:08 PM): I want the name, and address of the hospital and i will get the number myself
    Bernice Amankwa (1/31/2010 5:59:24 PM): oh ok…
    montyjsg (1/31/2010 5:59:53 PM): You can e-mail it to me and if not this is probably our last discussion
    Bernice Amankwa (1/31/2010 6:02:49 PM): ok i will email u now before i leave here now

  31. Dennis says

    Yes I agree with Another Us Citizen, why don,t honest Ghanian citizens interested in defending the good name of Ghana set up a vigilante organisation, people who have been scammed could send the details to the vigilantes, if the vigilantes catch the scammers they charge the victims of the scammer a charge of say $100 per finger. Or say $600 for a complete hand, so for $2400 a scammed victim could have the scammers hands and feet cut off, yes I think that would be a very good idea, if anyone starts this “service” I have 4 people that I can give genuine names to have them de limmed for their scamming activities

  32. henning says

    i was married to a ghanian lady for tree years, and one day her cell phones was of, and she was gone and i have not heard from her in five months now, THAT hurts aloooooot! how in yhe world can they play with fellings like that??????? do people in ghana have a heard or sou´l???? I dont think that

  33. henning says

    we can only stop, all that bad things in ghana in one way! dont believe anybody in ghana!!!!!! dont do it, the only thing u will get out of it, is a totally broken heart and u will feel totally down for a long time, thust me……forget about the money u lose, money is not all!!!!!! but your life is! SO NO MATTER OF WHAT PEOPLE ARE TELLING U IN GHANA DONT TRUSTH THEM….! IM WERY SORRY TO SAY IT GHANA IS A BEATYFULL PLACE! BUT THEY DESTROY THE GOOD NAME.. SSSSSSSSSTAY AAAWAY……………………………

  34. jerry hawkins says

    Met a girl on a dating site the other day stated that she was in ghana , and not where she had posted on that site.Her name is MaryAnn Isaac . Maybe you have heard the name before , a stunning 33 year old so she says. She cant be a day over 25. she needes money for a phone card so we can stay in touch.stupid me gave her my phone number , but didnt make it to the western union. she keeps calling . i guess change my number. so glad i see n this site before i made that mistake . ty for the eye opener.

  35. coonass says

    One of those fine ladies(probably a man) fell in love in 5 minutes. Showed me movies out of focus saying her camera was bad, Movies began to have less clothes until totally nude. as well sent clothed photos which soon became nude. She sure was fine but not fine enough to get a dime. Had fun though

  36. allen says

    mr doug wow this girls use of words appear very familiar, the girl i been chatting with started just about the same time nov 2009 you discovered her scam i know its her,goes by the name siaran unice and speaks about this uncle all the time mike unice get upset if you question her about certain things that didnt add up,and thats her classic line i want you, not your money,her butter you up line then she hits you up later with a real slick way to ask you for the green backs.the uncle is coaching her bottom line,beware gentlemen,very lite skin,brunette long hair,malta/ghanain mix,she got a few bucks out of me $1.600.00,i suspect these people are hacking yahoo accounts and dating sites,this one claim to have met me from afrointroductions but erased her profile,$1.600.00 is 3.200.00 cedi nice jack pot for her,BE CAUTIOUS OF ALL LONG DISTANCE/INTERNATIONAL DATING,ask the unthinkable questions as many times you want .

  37. Barry Vincent says

    I”ve been contacted by a by a 36 year old Ghana woman via Skype. She said that she randomly selected by name out of hundreds. Her name is Percis Afriyie Mensah. This name also appears as Afriyie Mensah Percis. Has anyone seen this name before ?

  38. Jim Runge says

    Hey i have not been hit but this Honestazumi4u@yahoo has fallen in love and wants me to take possesion of gold her “mum” couldnt sell there. Now I kept up this ruse to see when I would get asked for money . It came up and the person back peddled when I said No then kept up the love talk. Now there is this request to take gold out of the country in my name . I would be pleased to help inter pol figure this out . I will do no such thing my scams name is Azumi Parkins and she may have gold but not leagaly or she just wants to get me to trust her long enough to send money. Well this guy is still e-mailing but I would guess it will stop when I tell”her” no I wont trasport the gold from Ghana . Did I say she did not want to come with , and just wanted me to take it to the US to sell it? I cant figure where this is going , anyone know? bluz…..

  39. Barry Vincent says

    These losers are really starting to work Skype these days. Now I have another one , claims to be Irish , but living in Ghana. Wants friendship. Goes by the name of Esther and comes with a very attractive picture of herself but I smell some Ghanian male behind the hype. These must be very desperate people. Oh and of course can’t do microphone or cam camera either.

  40. Ritchie Mayes says

    I feel for the doctor, and others who have been victims of these unscrupulous individuals. I too was scammed, but the amount was minimal, only $25 dollars; I took it as a lesson learned in a college course.
    Therefore, it gave me the impetus to fight these people on their own terms and turn the tables on them. How, by engaging them and scouring different social website to identify them as a scammer. If you want to fight these individual, waste their time by keeping them engaged in conversation, in that way, the time that they spend with you, is maybe preventing them from contacting some poor soul, who is not savvy enough to spot a scam when they see one. If you want to engage these individuals, develop as they do a script. Now I play with them to give them, some of their own medicine. Believe me, many of them, although they are engaged in attempting to separate you from your money, do not know who you are, and like those who have been scammed, cannot tell when they are being scammed too. I urge anyone who is contacted to approach the contact with the same cold hardness that you are being shown. It will take a consorted effort by vigilant to stop these people. And maybe some day they will realize that others have taken the offensive to thwart their efforts.

  41. Patrick says

    Another person from Ghana, goes by the name Hagar Numah, or Hagar Nuamah, watch out for this person. All they are looking for is someone to pay their bills for them. She is from Accra, Ghana. Must be just partying there and doesn’t want to pay anything at all. How do these people sleep at night? Scum bags!

  42. Alman says

    Ive just been in contact for about a week now with a 27 year old ghana woman her name is Ivy Osei she says she accidently contacted me via skype has two kids boys from previous relationship . Ive actually offered to help but I havent much too lose so better than pokies I guess .Already been busted over by caucasion western women anyways . so im takin it slow . She lives in Cape Coast . ok see you

  43. Styngyn says

    To Barry Vincent,

    Hey, I think I ran into this chick, Esther. Goes by the name Esther Nyan. Has asked for money on different occasions: For new laptop or she will never be able to talk to me again; could be tossed out of her house since there was no room for her (that was weeks ago and she is still there); and money for a car, to drive to the American Embassy to obtain info on getting a travel visa. Hmm..right! Sent very attractive pics, but she looks more asian, or even mediterranean european, than ghanian. Hmmm. I had fun but of course not buying any of it

  44. HONESTAZUMI4U must of been warming uo on youSTYgyn .Started on me on the very next day.Profile said the Bronx as her address .To find that was an error that shes in GHANA and has never left. Her father and brother were killed in a car wreck her and her mother are unemployed now live with her uncle who is cruelthen starts im hungary i have no web cam i have no camera . I had ask for picture and had received 6 or so when in one of the pictures i noticed a every green tree in the back ground. Thats when the alarm bells went off.THEY DONT GROW IN GHANA

  45. SeeJulie says

    Anybody from Ghana, that e-mail you is going to try to scam you …Julie

  46. Marcus says

    Please be careful with this girl, I was scammed by her. She will show interest on you to finally start dating you and will never stop asking for money, clothes, jewelry,etc. Later I found out I wasnt the only one scammed, there were Ghananians, Nigerians, Chinese (yes, she says she wroks for a company that has businesses with China). Here is all the information that I got from her, maybe is all fake, but anyway if you ever meet her run!

    Name: Lomoko Jemima Naa Komle
    Passport: H1176319
    Birthday: February 27th, 1979
    E-mail: [email protected]

    Please, be careful with her.

  47. rache says

    Is there anybody who knows this names:AKOS_ks.faked as freda gyamea using pics from a porn site called lil cica.
    It hink she even estercomansa emilie amponsah etc./
    Alberta Taquiwaa /Vida effah/ vida effa as mdame love/
    nice girl/ etc.
    It hink theres a conspiration in ghana betwween probably scammers.They inform each other who they can scamm or change to another name.They seem to know who you chatting to.many appears from yahoo messenger and form contactsite like
    And many comes from Russia/Ghana etc.
    Police in Ghana seems to be bribed and other countries to like Ghana.
    Local police in the country wher you are dont care either they say they cant investigate because the cirme is committed abroad.
    no insurance is cover..
    As they say in Us:its your problem ify oure so naive and stupid.
    MVH Rache

  48. nancy says

    i have talked with a man for over 7 months who emailed me on a christian dating site he was from lincoln nebraska and traveled to dubahi on business,then china and ended up in accra purchasing gold ,precious minerals etc. now he claims he has no more money for a plane ticket back home to the usa he has his gold in trunks under security so he has told me there in accra
    he has romanced me with love letters on a daily basis for all this time and i western unioned him alot of cash infact much more then i want to admit on line here
    i still have not seen him in person he has sent me videos of himself and calls me now and then
    this last week i recieived a email from him signed another mans name>>i got suspicious
    he tells me he will pay me back every cent and how much he loves and cares for me blah blah
    i got scammed i believe now i was brought up to trust,love and help someone in need
    if he scammed me which he may have>>i will never trust again end of this story
    i got no mail from him on line for the last 3 days since i told hm that he can no longer depend on me for funds i am a senior on a fixed income this guy may not be one of the good guys for sure,and infact he has been in accra way too long now to make me feel trustworthy toward him anymore and it is scarey

  49. KAMIE says


  50. RACHE says

    Have anybody heard about a woman called freda e gyamea sunyani ghana with email:[email protected].
    she have in fact use faked pics from a porn site:lil-cica.
    and Shes not the same person in phone as in yahoo chat.
    she have even the same voice as she appear on following names:ester comansaEster baby(bless akua) etc

  51. rache says

    the woman`(man) called freda e gyamea([email protected] is a faked
    And she uses faked pornpics from a site called lil.cica. of all other bad ghanan ladies who just want to cheat naive men.
    We hop that ghana will wake up and do something.
    This isn ot a good side to show up for tourists.
    Watch out even for this ladies(Men?):
    [email protected][email protected]

  52. Anonymous says

    I would like remain anonymous. I am a professional in my field of business in the U.S.A. I too was scammed recently by a beautiful for about 500.00 dollars, I feel lucky because I caught on just last night when I thought deeply about sending money to Ghana. A very beautiful woman by the name of Salisu Iddriss in Accura, New Town N Ghana City. I met her via internet, her address was [email protected]. Please be aware of this scam, again I feel lucky.

  53. gracey says

    please do not send any money to any woman in Ghana about 97% of them are professional scammers

  54. someones papa says

    I was alomost scammed by a supposed american girl running an orphanage in Ghana. She contacted me thru a dating web site. She professed to be a christian, quoting the bible and using all the types of terms you would expect. She deleted her account from the dating site right away and w went IM to communicate. After communicating with her for only 2 days she started using endering terms and said that God had brought us together. I new something was up pretty quickly since she was 24 years younger then. After searching the web to find out about how scams work, hers turned out to be a classic case. All her relatives were dead, she had been working in charity work for most of her life. She avoided direct questions and when she finally gave me the name of the orphange it, of course could be forund any where on the net. I sensed that she was about to start asking for money to help the orphange and that when i blocked all communication. Since then I have educated myself on how these things work. Be carefull! They have NO morals at all.

  55. Enter your name... says

    there are some also using the pictures of revon riley the porn star as well happen to do some ressearch and found the same pics on the web

  56. yvonne garza says

    i also met someone by the name of sky blue. he said he lived in utah and was going to ghana for business. days later he had someone call me and said they had bad accident. supposly his daughter was in nocoma and he needed 1900.00 dollars to keep her on life support. he said it had to be sent to western union. i asked what happened he said they got hi jacked. they stole his wallet and that when he had gone to bank earlier they said they couldnt cash check cuz it was to bigg of amount to cash. then he said daughter had passed away, and that he still needed the money cuz he was put in a correction facility. i never sent him anything cuz i felt something wierd. i started studing on scammers and found ouit that he to was a scammer. he was using fake pictures and different phone numbers.

  57. me says

    I met this girl n….we started talking and she told e she went to school for marketing..and that she saw love at first sight when she saw my pic..she proceeded to tel me her birthdaywsriday and she wantedme to buy her an ipod…I told her I would buyit and send it to her…she the said Ill buy it here just send me th money western union… I came up with an excuse on why I couldnt then she tol me she antedto buy a cake that cost 185 dollars…So itold her I would send er the money and ookd u what a western union mtc code looked like and made one up…she didnt respond on the computer for 15 mins and came back and told me it was wrong..then I told her I went to western union and that they tol me it was right…well she ddnt get the mony so for the heck of it just to see to make sure I wasnt being paranoid we argued about it… ten she tells me she wants to come to america but a passport cost 650 dollars.. so Iasked how much american. she said its the same.. I knew then it was a scam cause I know the amercan dollar is the 2nd largest valued currancy in the world..and she proceeded to tell me she was in loe with me note that we had onlymet 16bhours before that and she kept telling me I had to prove my hoinesty and loylty to her by sending her money…she will wed cam withme and show off her body…and when she alled on the phne she sounded very different from what she looked…and she has bad enlish ut when w hat online he cn spell just fine… her user name sas najat mujeeb so when I told her I was gonna send her the money she said her last name was salisu…and that her boyfriend had left her nd tok all her money…and she ha to close her jewelry shop…and Inoticed on her web cam the irst time there was nothing in the background…but a few days later there is excersise equipment in the back ground..and shes talking about how she is gonna be my wife tryin to butter me up…soI typed in her name the first thing that popped up was a ghana scammer web page and I took a look I didnt see pic of her but all the stories these ppl were saying were all simular..and Im glad I didnt get caught up in that…but apparently alot of caring and honest men and woman have…and I feel sorry for the cause this girl hd me thinki maybe we could be together and ake this work…bt when she stareover reacting about the money I knew what was ging on…her yahoo acount name is [email protected].. and if you see this person on web cam she has a tatoo of a crown on her right hip just abve her panty ine and a chinese symbol on her right side..and I tought it wa wierd how after 4 or 5 hours she got on her web cam and proceeded to undress for me.. not totaly nude but in her undies and bras…shye always calls me love…ad everything so please be careful and dont gt caugt up in this.. and nevr send money t anyone yo havnt met in person an dnot honestly know…cause from wha I har 97.5% o woen and men In ghana are scammers…

  58. Elisa says

    My advise to people looking for love romance online, romance websites, please educate yourself first before u go into any of the sites looking for love, then, you;ll be able to identify them when u come across them, they may look and sound real, but, they’re not.

  59. Okwaho says

    Beware of 2 “bankers” with Almak Bank who operated under the name “almark Bank” in Accra forging legal documents. Albert Bruce and Frank Sarpong who are now being investigated by the police.

  60. CajunMan says

    I have had dealings with women from Ghana who almost right away ahd mothers with cancer who needed meds or they always needed something. Some said they were from the USA and were working for UNICEF there. They couldn’t spell simple words or hold a conversation other than beg for money. I didn’t send any money to them, but I did see how the scams work. They also come from Canada too. It’s always a woman in early 30’s.never married and doesn’t have any interest in the men there cause they’re not what they are looking for. They target men in their 50’s cause age isn’t important to them. They all have the exact same list of wants and needs in a relationship. They work the Yahoo messenger very hard. I currently have 45 women on my ignore list.All of them in less than a week.As soon as I put one on the list another sends message with pictures of different dress each time. I’ve even had one try the gold scam telling me they have $250,000,00.00 in gold but needs $500.00 to access it. They even had pictures with a banker holding 12 kilos of gold and supporting paperwork to go with it. Not all are scammers, but it’s actually more like 98% are. Just be careful and don’t send money or anything over there.

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