Four mobile phone companies in Ghana make $445.9m

mobile-warMobile telephony companies in Ghana seem to be in good business. As their subscriber base grows, so also is their revenue.

Four of the five mobile phone companies operating in Ghana have together earned about $445,920,000 over six months, according to calculations derived from a GNA report indicating the average earnings per subscriber per month of each mobile phone operator.

The four companies are MTN, Tigo, Zain and Kasapa. The average earnings of Vodafone was not available.

According to the GNA report, the mobile phone companies make an average $5 per user per month.

Based on this figure MTN, the company with the largest subscriber base of 6.8 million as at the end of March 2009 and an average earning of $8 per user per month, made about $326.4 million over six months.

Tigo made $92, 220,000 over the same period with a customer base of 2.9 million and an average revenue per user of $5.3 a month.

Zain, which started operations in December 2008 earned $16,020,000 over six months with a customer base of 890,000 and an earning per user of $3 monthly.

Kasapa has a subscriber base of 400,000 according to the National Communications Authority (NCA) records as at the end of March, 2009 with an average earning of $4.7 per user, the company made $11, 280,000 over six months.

Increasingly, mobile telephony has become a very significant part of Ghanaian life and economy.

The GNA report quoting the NCA, said its report showed that currently an estimated 55 per cent of Ghanaians owned personal mobile phone numbers. This is up from 22 per cent in December 2006, 33 per cent in 2007 and 50 per cent in 2008. The figure is expected to reach 85 per cent in 2013.

It said the impact of mobile telecom on the economy was similar to the other enabling infrastructure such as roads, ports, airports and railways, adding that recent analysis by Deloitte showed that 10 per cent mobile penetration led to a 1.2 per cent increase in annual GDP.

By Emmanuel K. Dogbevi

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