Vodafone Ghana to axe 950 workers

vodafoneTension, apprehension and suspicion have hit Vodafone Ghana as 950 workers of the company are due to be laid off in what the company calls a “compulsory redundancy programme”.

The workers are not sure yet who will be affected.

Vodafone Ghana is embarking on this exercise to trim down its work force as a new management policy.

The Chief Manager for Corporate Communications, Mr. Isaac Abraham told the media at a press conference that the decision to trim the workforce was to enable the company deliver better services to its customers.

As part of the redundancy package, Vodafone would give three months notice and an exit strategy that includes, counseling, entrepreneurial training and support to enable the affected workers transition smoothly.

Vodafone Plc acquired 70% of Ghana’s national telecom provider, Ghana Telecom in August last year on a debt-free, cash free basis. Ghana’s Parliament approved the sale despite the opposition’s stance against the transaction. Following the sale, the new government has established a commission to look into the transaction that led to the sale of the national telecom provider.

Vodafone Ghana recently trimmed down the 4,000 workforce of the company when 850 workers gave up their jobs through the voluntary programme. But a good number of the workers who are not prepared for the programme have grown apprehensive, which has led to suspicion and tension.

By Emmanuel K. Dogbevi

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  1. Busha says

    Is all about a name and just like LAM stated his business from Africa by locating into England and later to Singapore by buying cotten, Africa cotton.
    Why will a nation get their people redandant. this is what is happening to Vodafone. If the people in Ghana would have work hard when it was own by the government, this wouldn’t have happen but we Ghanaians choose to perform in their old ways and the end result is layoff, your own country bu yet lost your opportunity of succeding in the real world.
    If we work together and share great ideas together.
    Oops…forgot to say great post! Looking forward to your next one.

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