Ghana government urged to make clearing of goods at ports easy

Mr. Joe De-Graft, Chief Executive Officer of the Ghana Cargo Groupage Container, a German-based Freight Handling Company, has appealed to the government to make clearing of goods at Ghanaian ports easy.

Mr. De-Gratf said this could be done by removing some of the bureaucratic processes importers had to go through before clearing their goods.

Speaking to the GNA at Agona Swedru, the CEO said Ghanaian ports were congested because of the long processes one had to go through in clearing goods.

Recounting the cumbersome procedure his benefactor went through in bringing some items into the country from Germany for donation to a church, Mr. De-Graft said if the clearing procedure was not made less cumbersome, it could discourage a lot of philanthropists from bringing in items to support the needy in the society.

“Our people need some items from outside to ease their living conditions. If the clearing can be made a bit easier, a lot of our well-wishers abroad can ship some relief items to our people”, he said.

Mr. De-Graft, who is also a scout for football talents for some clubs in Germany, described football as a very lucrative job these days and appealed to parents to encourage and support their children to go into the game.

He said he was ready to help footballers who wanted to play in Germany.

The Rev. Dr. Obed Ahenafo, Founder and Leader of the Christ Abiding Ministry, and a friend to Mr. De-Graft, appealed to donor agencies for support for the ministry in its effort to establish a vocational training institute for the youth in the Agona District.

Source: GNA

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  1. Kwabena Frimpong says

    Yes i agree with Mr. De-Grafts’ concern.It is also encouraging of how outside teams are comming to Africa to recruit soccer players . But lets not get carried away ,These kids are young ,some has the potentials of becoming Doctors, lawyers ,scientis and other proffessional areas,so when those managers are negotiating, they should be thinking of their education and life after their soccer career.These boys are young so let’s not limit their future only soccer. Don’t get me wrong i love the game but let’s consider how to secure PLAN ‘B’ for these talented boys .I could be wrong with my thinking but i know i went to school with most of old Ghana first division players. and some other we became friends through other players.Even most played for the National Team.I don’t want to mention names.What happens after their soccer career.Travel outside and hustle, or turn beggers or alchoholics.And these people went High school like and even some wrote the A-Level G.C.E back then which meaningless today till one complete to the University level.Thank you for the space.

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