State-owned media must reflect interest of the public – Qinming

The Deputy Editor in-Chief of the Zhejiang Radio and Television Group (ZRTG), Mr Shi Qinming has observed that the State-owned media need to demonstrate the interest of the public in their reportage if they are to remain in business.

He said it was the social responsibility of the state media to respect the views of the public and factor them in their daily activities.

Mr Shi made the observation during an interaction with senior media personnel from Africa, who are attending a two- week seminar in China, as part of preparations towards the Sixth China-African inter Ministerial Summit that comes on later in the year.

The journalists visited the headquarters of the ZRGT in Hangzhon, the capital of Zhejiang Province.

Mr Shi noted that although the state media in China to a large extent, serve as the mouth piece of the government, it also has a social responsibility to its audience.

ZRTG is a group of media houses that had come together to form a limited liability company with 4,008 employees, who runs 11 television channels, including a satellite television, seven radio stations and magazines.

The company also operates a digital television, mobile multimedia broadcasting and websites, which are received in other Chinese provinces and ottside China.

Mr Wang Tongyuan, President of ZRTG explained that currently the company does not receive any subvention from the government and had to depend on advertisement, production of television programmes, films and sponsorships.

He said there was a lot of competition among media houses in China and his company had invest a lot in equipment and training of staff to be able to stand the competition.

Source: GNA

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