Ghana wins another award in ICT innovation

smsGhana, has won another award an in Information Communication Technology innovations contest by the World Summit Award (WAS) of the United Nations’ World Summit on Information Society (WSIS).

The award winning project known as Tradenet (Esoko) was developed by Busy Internet, a Ghana based Internet solution provider, and it is the largest SMS based MIS project in Africa. It won an award in the e-Inclusion and Participation category.

Earlier this year, another ICT product, called mPedigree which was developed by Ghanaians won the 1st place position in the Emerging Markets category of the Nokia Innovators contest. mPedigree is an application that allows users to text-message at no cost, a quality-authentication code found on the packaging of anti-Malarial and other medications to a provisioned mobile shortcode in order to guard against counterfeit drugs believed to be responsible for an alarming number of deaths, especially in the developing world.

mPedigree won another award in the WAS e-Health and Environment category, making this its second award within a year.

Tradenet (Esoko) is an innovative technology that links mobile phones to web-based management systems. It enables agri-business, agri-associations and other agri-projects to systematically build polls, and automatically scouts participants for critical field information. The scout technology can be programmed to send or receive text messages from participants in the field in order to track activities and inventories or evaluate crop behaviour.

The project, according to WSA’s website, incorporates an SMS-based and Java-based application that connects mobile handsets with a powerful online toolset, enabling large-scale tracking from the field,  and dramatically reducing the cost of real-time distribution and recovery of responses from thousands of participants.

Already almost 800,000 price records have been entered from 10 countries, making this the largest SMS-based MIS system on the African continent. Over 12,000 registered users are profiled in the system, and almost 500 markets are covered.

By Emmanuel K. Dogbevi

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  1. musa usman says

    this is wonderful, i am proud of Him, i wish to be like him. because i’m one of a young software developer here in Accra. If this can go further to help we young software developers or create open door for us to come together and learn for our nation Ghana also the IT security for the nation, i think it would be great.All what we young software developers needed is to get people like this to help and develop also in power young developers. we need to establish a club for this.
    Ghana have a great talented young one who were good in this fields in ICT.
    Please, we need helping hand to grown up this wonderful gift. thanks . i love ICT and i love Ghana. God bless Ghana no where else…………..NT. please may i have his email address and phone is : 0245733413 or 0264733413

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