Probing Ghana@50 is necessary – Wereko Brobbey

Dr Charles Wereko- Brobbey, former Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Ghana@50 Secretariat, on Thursday appealed to Ghanaians to exercise restraint and support the Commission probing the secretariat to come out with its findings at the end of its sittings.
“Let us assume that it is a fishing expedition, which demands a lot of patience before we can make any catch,” he said.
Dr Wereko-Brobbey, who was speaking to the media at the end of the second day of the probe, said the Commission had reasons why it was slow in its proceedings and called on all Ghanaians to keep their fingers crossed for the outcome in three months’ time.
“As you all know the wheel of justice grinds slowly and there is no reason why we should put pressure on members of the committee to act above their capabilities and rate.”
He said although he was not officially called to answer any question from the Commission, there was the need to avail himself as the former CEO of the Secretariat that was being probed.
“The truth will definitely come out at the end of the day and I am very happy that it is being televised for the general public to make their judgments.”
He said probes were necessary and served the interest of Ghanaians for good governance and accountability and called on the media to be circumspect in their reportage in order not to prejudice the findings of the Commission.

Source: GNA

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  1. Anto Torto says

    It has become really clear from the Ghana@50 that all District Coordinating Directors in the country must be subjected to forensic audit. Can you imagine the assets they have acquired? How much do they earn? Some are hiding under excuses that their relatives outside have send them vehicles or monies. All these can be investigated. Prof Mills should look into this

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