Odotobri Rural Bank is leader in micro-finance

The United National Development Programme (UNDP) in 2005 offered Odotobri Rural Bank GH¢70,000 as grant for being the best bank in the management of micro finance activities.
Mr. G.F. Opoku, the Supervising Manager of the bank, told the GNA in an interview at Jacobu in the Amansie Central District of Ashanti that the bank had been the leaders in micro finance.
“Odotobri Rural Bank started micro finance in 2001, the first in Ashanti Region and the UNDP came in 2005 and amongst the banks selected, we were adjudged the best and had GH¢70, 000 as grant” he said.
Mr. Opoku said more than 10,000 people had benefited from the micro finance activities designed to minimize poverty in the rural communities.
He said the bank’s recovery rate is commensurate with world standards adding, “we have over the years been applying the best international practices in micro finance management.
Mr. Opoku named the number of clients one field officer handled, the number of weeks needed in training the clients before credit was granted and the mode of defining an active poor were some of the good international practices being applied by the bank.
He said these had brought positive impact on the general performance of the bank as profits had been increasing year after year with improvements in the image and confidence of the bank as the number of clients kept on increasing.

Source: GNA

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  1. abubakari peter says

    programmes must be organised in such a way that those in these sectors can have access to external funding or collaboration.

  2. Sodjim joseph says

    Please, I would like to know if Odotobri Rural Bank have some special policies(incentives) to help cocoa farmers who save with the bank.This is to help in project in assessing impact of thebank on selected cocoa farmers.

  3. Gucci mane says

    they don’t deserve that award

  4. Okrah Samuel says

    Please I am a native of Jacobu where the bank’s headquarters is situated and I want to save with the bank , so can you please give me an insight with regards to how the bank operates.

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