Zain Ghana, Madagascar to get advanced SMS technology from Tango Telecom

Zain logoKuwait-based Zain Group has awarded contracts to Tango Telecom to provide its advanced SMS technology, the iAX SMS platform for its Ghana and Madagascar networks.

Information available to from the telecommunications industry says Tango Telecom’s messaging platform, enables prepaid and postpaid charging, storage and delivery of A2P, P2P and P2A messages and enables advanced revenue generating messaging services from a single platform.

The CIO of Zain Group, Mohamed Rafi was reported as saying that “Zain selected Tango Telecom based on their approach to modular design, cost effectiveness, extensibility and scalability. By deploying iAX SMS, we can rapidly and confidently expand our SMS delivery capabilities and data revenue capture.”

“From a single platform, Zain can quickly rollout the Tango Telecom product suite to launch both basic and advanced services, attracting and retaining valued customers. At the same time, we can ensure the highest quality user experience as we acquire new subscribers. With Tango Telecom on board, Zain can ensure this strategy is successfully executed,” he added.

Information on Tango Telecom’s website gleaned by describes the iAX SMS platform as a messaging gateway that simplifies the task of deploying and controlling large numbers of SMS application services. It also says iAX SMS is an add-on to the network: it sits between the SMSC nodes and SMS applications and provides the applications with their point of connection to the network. Messaging traffic flows via iAX MAG, allowing it to screen, manipulate and control the traffic based on application-specific policies.

Zain Ghana, one of the six licensed mobile telephone companies operating in Ghana, has seen rapid growth since it began business in Ghana in December 2008. Its subscriber base has grown to over one million.

The company has recently secured a $160 million International Finance Corporation (IFC) loan to expand its networks in Ghana.

By Emmanuel K. Dogbevi

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