Music is potent ego-booster – Reverend Minister

Reverend Yohanes Ahiabu, Madina parish pastor of the Global Evangelical Church (GEC), Adonai Chapel, on Sunday said music is a potent ego-booster that leads people to accomplish extra ordinary accomplishments.

“Influential music gives footballers the stamina to trounce their opponents no matter how threatening and skillful they are,” he said.

Rev. Ahiabu said this when he preached a sermon at a thanksgiving service organised by the Accra Presbytery of the GEC Church Choirs’ Union.

The service was meant to express God’s benevolence for the past years under the theme “Let the redeemed of the Lord say praises.”

Rev. Ahiabu said if footballers could do exploits with music, then it (music) was a great instrument in the hands of devout Christians to calm the storms of their lives.

He said the Bible is replete with many instances that music was used to achieve great things and gave the example of Jehoshaphat, who used music to defeat his opponents in a war.

“If the walls of Jericho could collapse at the sound of music, it is a testimony that music is a powerful arsenal for spiritual warfare to overcome the forces of darkness.”

He said good music invoked the spirit of God to give prompt answers to prayers.

The Reverend Minister said soul serenade music was a spiritual food that gave relief in times of woes and anguish.

“Anytime you face some difficulties as a Christian, it is a call to learn to sing praises to God,” he said.

He told the choristers, who were drawn from different parts of the city, that the call to sing was a spiritual assignment and must be done with purity of heart and in holiness.

He said “songs dispel things that frighten us and it is a means to acknowledge the benevolence of God to mankind”.

He told the choristers to live a worthy life that could preserve the rare musical gift endow them.

Mr Samuel Kwadzo, President of the Choir Union, said their main aim was to preach the gospel to the people through music.

He said through the effective use of music the youth could be given good morals for them to become good citizens.

Source: GNA

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