Government of Nigeria urged to stop relocation of businesses to Ghana

investmentsNigerians are on edge over the fact that companies in the populous West African country are shutting down and relocating to Ghana.

Some of the reasons why the companies are closing shop and moving to Ghana, include the inadequate and unreliable power supply in Nigeria. Despite the fact that Nigeria is an oil exporting country, the country suffers from constant irregular energy supply which has continued to cripple industry in the country.

The latest to join in the call on the Federal government to act swiftly to stop the relocation of industries to Ghana is the immediate past Presiednt of the Association of National Accountants of Nigeria (ANAN), Dr. Samuel Nzekwe.

According to a report carried by the Vanguard, a Nigerian publication, Dr. Nzekwe called on the Nigerian government to concentrate on developing infrastructure to discourage the industrialists from relocating. He was quoted by the publication as saying that “the development of essential infrastructure should be as quick as possible especially now that the nation was willing to be among the best 20 economies by year 2020.”

He called on the Nigerian government to expedite action in providing uninterrupted power supply, security and education. He was worried that despite the development, up till now, government had not taken any drastic action to address the issue of inadequate power supply and other infrastructure.

The businesses are relocating to Ghana, because the country is investor friendly, and has a stable political culture. Despite a close election in December 2008, the country exercised a peaceful transition. The ruling government which lost the elections, handed over to the opposition without incident. This achievement, had raised the country’s profile internationally – and emphasizing that achievement the President of the US, Barack Obama decided to visit Ghana to show the country as a good example of a country on the path to progress.

Obama visits Ghana July 10-11, 2009, within six months of becoming President of the USA.

By Emmanuel K. Dogbevi

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  1. cyril emeka says

    What Nigeria Industries sees as investor”s friendliness will turn out to become sowing on a land full of tares in the near future, if they flash their
    mind to the incident that happened after Ghanaian independence.

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