Ghana Meteorological Agency lacks radar for specific weather forecast

Dr Michael Tanu, Director General of the Ghana Meteorological Agency (GMA) said on Tuesday that the agency urgently needs an advanced Doppler Radar, to detect cloud movement.

Dr Tanu said the equipment would assist the GMA to predict rainfall pattern in detail, given specific notice on the intensity of rain to facilitate the work of disaster management teams.

Speaking to the Ghana News Agency in an interview in Accra, he said: “In the absence of the radar, the agency is using satellite imagery to predict rainfall pattern… The Doppler would help assess existing weather patterns every 15 minutes rather than providing long-term forecasts.”

Dr Tanu said Doppler weather radars had an edge over other weather radar systems because they can measure the speed of a storm or cyclone, while others provide information only on the range of a storm.

“A Doppler radar provides data to accurately estimate an approaching storm’s eye and intensity, fixing its position and predicting its path, which is needed in disaster management,” the GMA Director-General said.

The GMA needs about $3 million to purchase two advanced Doppler Radars.

Dr Tanu said seasonal forecasts were of little use to farmers and fishermen and noted that the agency was investing in new lead indicators with much better predictive capacities to deliver uniform and widespread benefits to users.

He called for support to enable the agency to acquire Data Collecting Communication Systems, computers for inter-departmental networking and transporting of forecasting information.

Dr Tanu appealed to the general public to take weather forecasting warnings seriously as they had the potential of affecting and disrupting economic activities and other social implications.

He also urged disaster management bodies to include the agency in their planning and control mechanisms.

Source: GNA

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