Businesses asked to shut down as Obama arrives in Ghana

President Barack Obama
President Barack Obama

Some major business organizations along the road leading to the Kotoka International Airport have been asked to shut down for security reasons Friday July 9 to Sunday July 12 2009 as President Obama arrives in Ghana.

The Airport District Police has issued an instruction to workers of the companies including Silver Star Tower to close and leave the premises by 4:00pm Friday till Monday 6:00am.

No vehicles are to be left in the car park except the basement, and the company’s security men on duty have been asked to register with the police before they would be allowed into the premises to take their duty posts.

President Obama is visiting Ghana on a historical occasion. He said he is visiting Ghana to highlight the fact that Ghana is a good example of a stable democracy following a peaceful election and smooth transfer of power.

He believes that by visiting Ghana, he would be encouraging other countries to follow the example. President Obama also believes that democracy is the route to progress.

Already feverish preparations are being made to welcome him into Ghana. Some musicians have composed songs to welcome him, wax prints with his image and that of Ghanaian president, John Atta Mills have been printed.

While in Ghana President Obama will visit the Cape Coast castle, a monumental testimony to the shocking nature of the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade, by which most Africans slaves were shipped to the US.

By Emmanuel K. Dogbevi

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  1. Peter Nyasa says

    Obama has landed! It is wonderful that Ghana has welcomed their international visitor in such a manner. Obama has shown his key interest in the nation, stating, “I think that the new President, President Mills, has shown himself committed to the rule of law, to the kinds of democratic commitments that ensure stability in a country. And I think that there is a direct correlation between governance and prosperity.” If Obama wants to know what is the power behind the man, he need look no further than the man, T.B. Joshua, the international spiritual leader who, not only accurately prophesied the way and manner of Mills’ rise to power, but who also has been a pillar of wisdom and spiritual guidance to the president during these early days in office. Today, Ghana is now God’s own nation.

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