African Mentor Network to network Ghanaian youth to businesses

Africa has enough resources to motivate its younger generation to advance and take advantage of opportunities in all fields of endeavour, the Africa Mentor Network Incorporated, a Non Governmental Organization (NGO) aims at whipping up the potential of the African child has observed.
The Africa Mentor Network Incorporated is to launch on August 12, 2009 a premier networking event in Ghana dubbed: “The Speed Networking Roundtable” which would bring together top executives of companies in Ghana to listen to “wisdom and knowledge” of African child and guide him or her (child) to achieve greater heights.
A statement issued and copied to the Ghana News Agency by Ms Esi Yankah, President of the NGO, said the event would give the youth the platform to unearth their skills and capabilities at a face-to-face interaction with these top executives and managers.
The idea is to promote networking where participants could be hired by the companies and organisations of these executives and or gain a second interview for possible employment.
It said many African youth would pitch their big ideas as well as sell their exceptional resumes directly to corporate executives as the event roll on.
“The Africa Mentor Network event will introduce the art of networking into the Ghanaian community and create an environment where all corporate executives who may be competitors can come together for a common purpose,” it said.
The August 12th event would also officially launch the Africa Mentor Network in Ghana. “It is an organisation made for Africa by Africans to help the continent’s youth to help themselves through mentoring and networking.
“Africans deserve to have their own voices too,” the statement said and indicated that the event would be held twice every year.
The statement indicated that the event would also be replicated in other African countries.
Interested Ghanaian youth can apply as participants before the August launch.
Selected participants would officially become members of the Africa Mentor Network and can therefore qualify to participate in all activities of the organization.

Source: GNA

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