Prof. Kwabena Nketia advocates promotion of traditional music

Prof. J. H. Nketia
Prof. J. H. Nketia

Professor Emeritus J.H. Kwabena Nketia, a musicologist and composer, on Thursday reiterated the need for the promotion of traditional music and culture in order to project the country’s cultural heritage.

“We need to promote and share our music and cultural heritage among ourselves to enable the Ghanaian youth to embrace the different types… and use it to develop their talents by performing traditional songs live on stage to portray their rich values and cultural importance,” He said.

Prof. Nketia was speaking to journalists at the end of a Classic Africa orchestra concert, organised by Azonko Synchronizations Limited (A-Synkro) as part of activities marking Republic Day, which fell on July 1.

The show, which included a dance routine by Heaven Treasures of John Wesley Cathedral, was the brain child of Azonko Simpi, Founder and Director of A-Synkro Limited.

Prof. Nketia advised the youth to be more interested in traditional music and promote its regeneration and growth.

He said the challenge facing composers was how to manage the transition from tradition to modernity, stating that, “the problem is how technology can be used to help bridge traditional music to the contemporary”.

Prof. Nketia said: “Building bridges meant placing oneself in a position to know and understand various traditional music hence the need to encourage the body of knowledge in Ghanaian music.”

He noted that it is a great challenge, but very important, because there are new social formations in the country, which are not based on social traditions.

Prof Nketia said regenerating traditional music would reform the youth who lead wayward lifestyles and give them a new sense of direction and discipline in future.

Mr. Simpi said the study of traditional and cultural arts in educational institutions need to be refined in order to develop more creative talents in the future.

Source: GNA

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  1. kwame Boakye says

    It’s a good idea that need to be address.thanks he did it.A lot of our elders
    gone for ever with good helpfull ideas.I’m planing to establish a traditional
    cultural arts and dance,including those of defferent tribes all over Ghana
    I hope it happen,Jah bless!

  2. Albert Rwamugira Mutalemwa-A Tz First Year B.A.Music Student at Makumira University College , Arusha -Tanzania says

    As a young musician aspiring to become an ethnomusicologist, I am been very happy to this chance to convey my heartfelt concern to thank you for your contribution on African Music Appreciation and writings which have been of fantastic reference for us.Thanks you very much. In Tanzania we say Ahsante Sana. In Kihaya from Kagera, “Wakola Waitu.”

    As I mentioned earlier that I am at Makumira University College persuing my Music Education, my interest is to specialise in African Music though currently I we do have enough means to go about. I believe we your help things will be possible if we join our efforts to inculcate the spirit of embracing our African Traditional Heritage.

    I look forward to receiving your comments and assistance torwards my goal.

    Be blessed.

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