SMS technology spices Obama’s Ghana visit

President Barack Obama

President Obama’s historic visit to Ghana July 10 to 11, 2009 is noteworthy in so many ways. He is the first African-American to become president of America, and Ghana is the first African country he is visiting since becoming president.

And there is a technological twist to the visit. Short Message System or SMS will play a big role in the visit, as citizens of the African continent can communicate with him while he is in Ghana by SMS.

The United States government is inviting all Africans to send questions by text to Obama during his Ghana visit July 10 to 11 2009.

Information reaching says questions and comments through text can be sent from today July 3, 2009 so that President Obama can address it while he is in Ghana. It adds that those who respond early will receive SMS highlights of the speech he will deliver in Accra Saturday July 11.

Obama will be expected to answer selected questions through local radio broadcasts.

US Embassy officials have said the service is available in English and French. The SMS however, might be subject to local and internationals charges.

All local cellphone, mobile coverage, local and international operator mobile quality of service and charges, as well as other operational constraints and conditions, applied. “The SMS service is not a 100-percent guarantee of message delivery,” the official said.

To send a text message to President Obama, from anywhere in Africa, simply text ‘English’ or ‘French’ to +61418601934. If you do not receive a confirmation of your enrollment within 10 minutes, please send again to +45609910343. For Kenya use short code 5683, for Ghana use short code 1731, for Nigeria use short code 32969 and for South Africa use short code 31958.

By Emmanuel K. Dogbevi

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  1. Adokwei Addo says

    Thumbs Up Mr President; A selfless leader indeed. An icon for AFRICA on SMS

  2. Adokwei Addo says


  3. Adokwei Addo says


  4. ensor says

    change in america, change in ghana. yes we can in america, yeresisamu in ghana. Go His excellency ataaaaaaaa.

  5. Japheth Ogamba Bitange says

    Mr.President i salute u Sir, Welcome to Africa.
    I urge u not to forget your father’s country country of origin…you’re our BROTHER and we expect u to show our ungrateful leaders the way to go!

    You cannot afford to run away from your own problems Sir. I believe that if you come to Kenya and give sanctions to our two leaders to put their house in order suffering will continue in your dad’s country.

    please act as if your father was alive..

    Karibu sana Africa Sir..God bless you..and may u live to to achieve your dreams..

  6. Patricia says

    The neediest people of Ghana are in the North of Ghana Upper East, Northern Region and Upper West). What can the US do to help develop these areas without the support being directed to some where else in the south like it happened during the last administration? Bonaboto is a good source of information for the area.

    Patricia Nmabila

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