Ibrahim Essandoh’s brother gets clearance to donate kidney

Ibrahim Essandoh - will soon get a kidney from brother.
Ibrahim Essandoh - will soon get a kidney from brother.

An update was just released stating that Ibrahim Essandoh, the Vancouver resident who desperately needs a kidney transplant, will now be allowed to receive a kidney donated by his brother, Thomas. Clement Apaak, spokesperson for Ibrahim Essandoh, confirmed that Thomas and his wife were finally issued visas to come to Canada from their home in Ghana after the visa application was originally rejected by the Canadian Embassy there.

Though the exact reason for the rejection is still unclear, there seemed to be some skepticism regarding Thomas’ identity. Ibrahim’s doctor, Dr. David Landsberg, issued documentation and a letter of support regarding the suitability of Thomas as a his brother’s donor. Still, further documentation was required, including DNA testing to confirm Thomas’ identity, while Ibrahim remained bed-ridden at St. Paul’s Hospital in Vancouver.

Clement Apaak issued the following statement when the DNA results were completed:

“We now have the DNA results requested by the Canadian Consulate in Ghana. The results from Genetrack Biolabs show conclusively that both Ibrahim and Thomas are maternally related to their mother, Yaa Tsenkoramah. The results from samples taken from both men indicate a 99.99% maternal relation to Madam Yaa. Yes, Madam Yaa is the mom of both men, confirming that they are brothers. The lab technician on duty informed us that the results have been sent to the Canadian Consulate in Ghana.”

Once the results of this testing was received by immigration officials, the process of issuing a visa to Thomas began. Soon the brothers will be united, and the life-saving transplant can finally begin.

Source: The Examiner

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