Rainfall spoils commercial, holiday activities in Wa

A downpour that lasted from dawn to mid-day on Wednesday, paralyzed business and the social activities that characterise public holidays in the Wa Municipality.

While all commercial activities at the Wa Central market came to a standstill, ‘pito’ brewers and restaurant operators who had wanted to cash in on revellers of the Republic Day are also counting their losses.

These came to light when the Ghana News Agency (GNA) conducted a survey at the business district of Wa, to find out how people were celebrating the holiday.

At ‘Freeport’, a popular drinking spot, only few people were seen enjoying beer and hot khebab.

Mr. Kwabena Sefa, Attendant of the spot was disappointed that the rain had disrupted all the planned activities of the day, but expressed the hope that business would pick up later.

At ‘Puodaa Pito Spot’ at Kambali, a suburb of Wa, the usual euphoria that associated holidays in the area, was completely absent as the weather was so cold and therefore not conducive for ‘pito’.

“We are in serious trouble because this kind of rain does not encourage people to drink ‘pito’ as most of my patrons would rather prefer to go in for some spirits that can heat them up,” Alice Dery the ‘pito’ seller told the GNA.

At the Wa Central market, stores were closed with few of the sellers using umbrellas under their sheds although there were no buyers.

The Wa Central Market Butcher’s shop that was normally packed to capacity as early as 0800 hours was locked up as at 1035 hours when the GNA visited the premises.

Source: GNA

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