Zimbabwe researchers in Ghana to assist smallholder farmers

A Zimbabwean research delegation from the University of Zimbabwe is in Accra, Ghana, for a three-day integrated agricultural research for development meeting to discuss ways of eradicating poverty through empowering smallholder farmers.

The meeting, which started on Monday June 29, 2009 and is set to end today July 1, is focusing on the relationship between agricultural production and poverty, and the effects of climate variations in Africa with specific emphasis on improving soil fertility.

The meeting, which comes as the country starts preparations for the main planting season, also seeks to develop mechanisms for building capacity to adapt to the changes in the agricultural sector.

The team is led by Dr Paul Mapfumo, the regional co-ordinator of Soil Fertility Consortium for Southern Africa, and includes other UZ researchers.

In an interview before the team’s departure, Dr Mapfumo said: “The three-day meeting will focus on the use of participatory action research tools in adapting to climate change and the ability of small holder farmers to adapt. So it intends to challenge the active person to fight vulnerability.

“We also would want to create awareness on climate change and variability of their potential impacts on livelihoods by identifying their vulnerability profiles within their communities.”

Source: Herald

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  1. DESMOND says

    Oh Ghana! be friends with people who knows what they are about , not zimbabwe, who are starving their own people, what are we going to learn from this kind of people.

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