Ethiopian businesses fight HIV/AIDS

aidsApproximately 1.3 million people are living with HIV in Ethiopia and the national average of HIV prevalence and vulnerability factors are estimated at 3.5 per cent, 10.5 per cent in urban areas and 1.9 per cent in rural areas.

It is said that HIV prevalence and vulnerability factors in the business community are higher than the national average.

To fight this critical situation, firms are starting to give priority to combating HIV within their companies.

The Ethiopian Business Coalition Against HIV/AIDS (EBCA) is working to protect the business community, their workforce and the communities where business operates from the threat of HIV/AIDS and other identified social development challenges.

Consequently, at the third annual EBCA exhibition held at the Ras Hotel on June 26, more than 22 business enterprises and companies exhibited and showed their success in their fight against HIV. The theme is, “The involvement and commitment of business in the fight against HIV/AIDS was a win-win game”.

Over 50 Ethiopian businesses were present and 25 of them exhibited their best practices in fighting the disease. In addition, 10 selected partners exhibited.

During the event, business enterprises were split into two categories of Best Practice and Rising Star. In Best Practice, Kality Construction, BGI Ethiopia and Emergence services, were first, second and third, respectively. In the rising star, Harar Beer was first, Ethiopian Power Corporation (EPPCo) second, and Ghion Hotel third.

The event was sponsored by coffee plantation, BGI Ethiopia and World Bank institute.

Source: Nazret

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