US woman under investigations for role in internet scam

credit-cardsA local woman is under investigation for her alleged role in an international scam, according to Det. Sgt. Ron Shaw of the Live Oak Police Department. The woman, whom Shaw did not name, may be charged in connection with the “Nigerian reshipping scam,” LOPD reports indicate.

Under the scheme, a computer hacker, often based in Nigeria or other nations known for lax law enforcement, makes large purchases using stolen credit card numbers. Since some U.S. retailers are wary of credit purchases destined for Nigeria and other locales, the hacker will often find a U.S. intermediary to accept the goods. The intermediary – sometimes an innocent dupe, sometimes a willing participant in the scam – will then repackage and reship the goods overseas for a fee.

According to reports, several such purchases were recently shipped to a Suwannee County address. Upon investigation, Shaw learned a female resident of the home was preparing to reship the goods to Ghana, Africa. According to Shaw’s report, a complaint against the woman will be sent to the state attorney’s office for review.

Source: suwanneedemocrat

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