Number of ID fraud victims tops 1,000

credit-cardsMore victims of sophisticated frauds at Northamptonshire petrol stations have contacted the Chronicle & Echo after having money taken from their bank accounts.

At least 1,100 people are now thought to have had their card details skimmed by fraudsters, who then used the information to try to withdraw cash from countries around the world including Canada, India and Ghana.

Paul Jarrett, who used the Colling tree Shell station about once a fortnight, said he would avoid using the garage again.

He said: “I doubt I would trust it enough to go back there now.
Luckily, I have fraud protection on my cards so when they tried to make two withdrawals for $100 and $50 in Canada, they were declined.

“NatWest contacted me and asked if they were genuine transactions straight away, so the service was very good. I’d recommend people get fraud protection because it saved a lot of hassle.”

In an email to the Chron, deputy headteacher at Danetre School, Nick Atherton, said: “I received a call from NatWest fraud department on Sunday informing me of their interception of attempts to use my debit card in Canada on Saturday, which they believe had been skimmed and cloned at a Northampton Shell petrol station.

“I have only used the A45 Collingtree Park Shell station once, on December 29 last year, and they didn’t try to take the money out until Saturday, so I would warn people to be vigilant for some while yet. I expect whoever did this may still be planning to try more transactions.
“I have to say NatWest were wonderful and very helpful.”

Three Shell petrol stations are currently at the centre of suspected frauds in Collingtree, Hunsbury and the A5 near Paulerspury.

Source: Northampton Chronicle

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