Ghanaian goes to jail for alien trafficking in the US

jailA Ghanaian man has been handed a five-year prison sentence in the US for alien smuggling.

A report by RTT News says 27-year-old Mohammed Kamel Ibrahim, who is a naturalized Mexican was jailed in Washington, DC for the crime Thursday January 22, 2009. He pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy and three counts of bringing aliens into the United States for profit.

Quoting Justice Department sources, the report said Ibrahim’s plea included admission to operating an alien smuggling organization in Mexico City that moved between 25 and 99 unauthorized aliens from East Africa into the U.S. by obtaining illegal Mexican visas.

Ibrahim, according to the report operated the alien ring with a co-defendant, known as  Sampson Lovelace Boateng, who is obviously also a Ghanaian. He is scheduled to be sentenced February 22. Both men will be deported from the U.S. upon completion of their sentences, the government said.

By Emmanuel K. Dogbevi

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