Service station card scam inquiry

credit-cardsDetails from bank cards thought to have been compromised at a Northampton filling station have been used for fraudulent spending across the globe.

A Shell service station on the A45 eastbound road near Northampton is at the centre of a police investigation.

Purchases were made in places like Thailand, Canada and South Africa.

An investigation is also under way into worldwide fraudulent spending on 144 bank cards used at a Shell service station on the A5 near Towcester.

“These cards were fraudulently used at locations across the world including Canada, South Africa and Ghana,” a police spokesman said.

A burglary took place at the service station in Paulerspury in the early hours of 10 January when a card machine reader was stolen.

Thorough inquiry under way

Inquiries at both service stations are continuing and detectives are liaising with the banks as well as Shell.

Officers advise people to check their bank statements. Exactly how the cards were compromised is under investigation at both premises.

Det Sgt Colin Cummings said: “These types of incidents are extremely rare in the county but we are doing everything we can to track down the offenders.

“Currently, in partnership with Shell, we are conducting a thorough inquiry into what has happened at both premises.

“The banks are the lead agencies in these cases and anyone who thinks their card has been compromised should get in touch with them in the first instance.”

Source: BBC

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