Rock Solid Images begins seismic inversion off Ghana

oil1Rock Solid Images, part of the Offshore Hydrocarbon Mapping (OHM) group, has begun a 940 square kilometer (362 sq mile) rock physics-driven seismic inversion for Kosmos Energy and its partners, covering the Jubilee field offshore Ghana.

The inversion will integrate log and core information acquired in the Hyedua-1, Hyedua-2, Mahogany-1, Mahogany-2 and Mahogany-2 wells.

Kosmos Energy Senior Vice-President Kenny Goh said, “We are pleased that the recently completed Mahogany-3 well has validated the geological and geophysical models we have worked on with the team at Rock Solid Images.”

“The well was drilled in a location identified by Rock Solid Images initial seismic inversion and we particularly look forward to the reservoir property inversion results at the Mahogany Deep formation level which appears at this point to be a separately trapped reservoir and which we will be further appraising in late 2009.”

The original seismic inversion conducted for Kosmos Energy and partners covered 150 square kilometers (57 sq miles) on the West Cape Three Points block.

Source: Energy Current

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