Ghana hotels urged to cultivate maintenance culture

An international communications expert, Mr. Robert Goldie has called on hoteliers to esteem the culture of maintenance, as a way of developing the tourism industry.

Mr. Goldie, the West African Regional Head of Avaya Intelligent Communications made the call at a session to introduce products and services of the company to prospective clients in Ghana.

“Over the eight years that I have been visiting Ghana, a number of new hotels have sprung up, as well as new tall buildings.

“Over this period my observation shows that hoteliers in Ghana hardly appreciate the culture of maintenance. Maintenance culture is however an ingredient that must be esteemed if we want to be hoteliers of world class,” he said.

Mr. Goldie commented on the poor maintenance of electronic gadgets, bathing, and bedding facilities in Ghana’s hotels. He added that restaurant services also need to be standardized.    .

Avaya has introduced new products and services onto the market that help to improve communication systems. Mainly, the products are aimed at helping clients unify their already existing communication systems, including the internet, the telephone, mobile phone and motorola systems.

With the aid of its internet protocool (IP) telephone, clients can transfer calls from IPs to mobile phones, irrespective of distance.

Brett Butler, a Project Officer of Avaya said the products and its services would essentially help to improve upon the efficiency and productivity of hotels in the country.

Avaya is a US-based company. It has offices in Europe and China with 32 service centres around the world.

Source: B&FT

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