Epack fund hits GH¢108m

Total funds in Epack’s investment portfolio, a mutual fund managed by Databank Group, reached GH¢108.63 million in June last year.

The figure represents an increase of 91.13 percent from its level in the same period in 2007.

The fund’s net current assets for the period came to negative GH¢93,850, which resulted in a net assets figure of GH¢108.54 million.

Epack issued new shares numbering 15,073,578 during the period, which represents a decline of 54.44 percent compared to the number of new shares that were issued in the first half of 2007.

This development brought the total number of shares issued by Epack as at the end of June 2008 to 115,246,705, about 15 percent more than total number of shares issued in the same period of 2007.

For the six-month period last year, Epack made a gain of 9.12 percent. This was on the low side when compared to the gain of 56.75 percent recorded by the Ghana Stock Exchange’s (GSE) All-Share -Index.

Though the Ghanaian market was doing well, the fund suffered because of the losses recorded by other African markets,

Epack invests on 11 African markets, including Botswana, Egypt, Kenya, Malawi and Mauritius. The rest are Morocco, South Africa, Tanzania, Zambia, Nigeria and Ghana.

Source: B&FT

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  1. KALIANA FOSU says

    please i want to invest in the EPACK fund so i want more enquiries from you.

  2. kwabi sarpong perez says

    i heard that epack rates are falling . what is your view?

  3. williams says

    i am a member of Epack and i want to know how much is the price per share

  4. isaac martey says

    want to know more about your products, epack, mfund and others, percentages per anum

  5. BlackC says

    EPA¢K is a long term collective investment fund established by Databank in October 1996.



    Dear Sir/Madam,
    I am a shareholder and i want to know the epack price per share as at today the 20th of August, 2009.

  7. Mary says

    Please im interested and want to be a member can u kindly give me the necessary procedure and the minimum

  8. STEPHEN says


  9. Grace Anderson says

    I have the interest to join the Epack fund but needs to more about its operations.Please can you help me?

  10. Evans Kuttor says

    I’m interested in investing in Epack but i want to know the minimun i can start with and also i want you to give me details about the fund. Thank you

  11. Kenneth Kweku Assibu says

    I am a member of EPACK INVESTORS I want to know about my financial statement. If you need myaccount number let me know.

  12. saaka shaibu says

    Am in Tamale and please want to invest with the Epack fund in your bank. Can u kindly give me the necessary procedure and the minimum to register Now. Thank you.

  13. sulemana suale says

    please i want to invest in the EPACK fund so i want more enquiries from you.


    please i want to invest in the EPACK fund so i want more inquiries from you.Could you also tell me the percentage as at now?.

  15. Edward Addo says

    Please i want o know much about your services because somebody has just recommend Epack. please i need it in full details before the close of the month.

  16. Tenkorang says

    please i would really like to invest massively into the epack. how do i go about it?

  17. spandy neil says

    please i would like to know more about epack because i want to be a part ofit

  18. gabriel nana ampah ashong says

    how can i check my account

  19. Abraham Manteh says

    iam in Obuasi, how do i join the epack family?

  20. Theophilus Gold says

    I live in Accra, will it take another three years for another 10% increament. please tell me how often will it increase.

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