Cellphone lockers to help productivity and safety of miners

The lockers
The lockers
A mobile-phone locker that protects workers possessions during working hours is set to reinvigorate safety and security at the Goldfields-owned Demang mine, in south western Ghana.

The lockers are being supplied in a modular format and will be able to accommodate 1 500 mobile phones, with each worker getting his or her own locker. The lockers can also hold cash and valuables, which eliminates the risk of losing it during the day.

A South African engineering company, Security Cell-Lock reports that the order for the Cell-Lock units was placed at the end of August, with delivery to the mine imminent.

Security Cell-Lock sales director David Immelman says: “The advantages that the Security Cell-Lock will offer to the mine include helping workers focus on increasing productivity, promoting a safe working environment, and freeing up the signal for mine managers.”

Immelman explains that the concept of the units was invented by Security Cell-lock specifically for schools and workplaces around the country in order to obviate mobile phone abuse.

Unlike the bigger conventional lockers, a typical Security Cell-Lock unit is 9 cm in height, 8 cm wide and 15 cm deep and made from 2mm steel. Each locker is issued with two keys, one for the worker and one for the employer or is available in a padlock version.

Immelman reports that many staff members were found to be increasingly unproductive while using their mobile phones during working hours.

The lockers also decrease the risk of industrial espionage, which is made easier by mobile phones as staff members can use the camera on mobile phones to take pictures of designs, equipment and documents, which can be regarded as privileged information.

Immelman reports, that since the company received the Demang order, De Beers Consolidated Mines and a number of mining companies within the Anglo American group have shown significant interest in the Security Cell-Lock lockers.

Immelman reports that the company has installed the Security Cell-Lock lockers at a number of companies in the food and beverage, courier and paint industries and at a number of schools around the country.

“Initially, the lockers were designed for use in schools. However, the current demand for the product from other companies in industry is far greater than the demand from schools,” concludes Immelman.

Source: Mining Weekly

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