Pregnant Ghanaian woman, boyfriend murdered in U.S.

gunshotA pregnant Ghanaian woman and her boyfriend have been found murdered in their home in Upper Marlboro, Prince George’s County, in the US,  ABC 7 reports say.

According to the news report, police are continuing to investigate the double homicide of Prince George’s County couple who were found dead inside the gated community where they lived Wednesday night.

The news citing authorities, said at some point this week, someone broke into the home on the 14500 block of Turner Wotten Parkway in Upper Marlboro and fatally shot 36-year-old Unice Baah and her 40-year-old boyfriend Seth Aidoo, both with Ghanaian lineages.

On Saturday night, Baah’s cousins, Susan Dixon and Abigail Ellis, attended a birthday party in the home. They said their cousin Unis and her boyfriend were there.

“The last time I spoke to my cousin was Monday… she calls you right back,” Dixon said. “I’m still stunned,” she said. “Like I’m dreaming, I don’t think it’s real.”

The report said the victim’s relatives are now overcome with pain and anguish, as detectives told them their cousin, who was three months pregnant with her second child, was found shot to death along with her live-in boyfriend just days after celebrating his 40th birthday.

Police report there is evidence of forced entry in the rear of the house. A bullet pierced one of the walls in the couple’s home and broke through a neighbor’s window. The damage in the neighbor’s home wasn’t noticed until this morning, but now it’s a part of the crime scene, the report said.

Following the crime, fear has gripped the entire community as members of the gated community do not feel safe and secure as before the crimes.

By Emmanuel K. Dogbevi

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  1. Tek Vego says

    The Akata woman should be investigated till this whole investigation come to an end. One may ask who is this Akata woman. Seth and this Akata woman were going though divorce at the time of the killings. And guess what the Police and the investigators did after they were through with the dead body investigations? They handed Seth’s body to the Akata woman. And guess what the Akata woman did with Seth’s body? The Akata woman cremated the body. She signed the papers for the funeral home to burn the body to ashes without allowing Seth’s family members give the guy proper funeral celebration.

    What is going here? Think people……..

    May Seth Aidoo’s soul rest in peace.
    And I predict that who ever did these crimes should be caught soon.


  2. Regina Adwere says

    Au;ntie Teresa and Mane Joe,
    There may be a lot of unanswered questions flooding through your minds. Please do your best to be still and know that God who sees and knows all things, I believe has released his angles to work on your behalf to bring this case to justice. You are on his mind including Unice Kids. He will bring you the peace you need. WHEN THE ENEMY PLOT AGAINST THE CHILDREN ON GOD, GOD LALUGHS AT HIM BEACAUSE HE KNOWS HIS DAYS ARE COMING TO END. there will be an end to this and he will make you smile again.
    Be emotionally healed.
    Regina( Turlock, california)

  3. irene sarkodie says

    mama tess. one thing i want you to know you had the most wonderful daughter ever. I would like you to remember her strenght ,courage , and h e r uplifting attitude. and the beatiful kids shegave you ,god will take care of you and the children.

  4. irene sarkodie says

    god is on your side

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