Convicted American woman keeps stolen money in Ghana

Neva Nolan

A convicted woman who used to run a funeral home in Colorado Springs says money she has stolen from her victims in the US is in a bank in Ghana. And she is asking for freedom so she could fly to Ghana, collect the cash and repay.

The woman, Neva Nolan was sentenced to four years in prison on January 25, 2008 for stealing $200,000 from people through pre-paid funeral expenses, the media and press in the US have reported.

Neva was denied parole Wednesday January 14, 2009 after her parole hearing.

Reports quoting investigators say she stole more than $200,000 from people who have paid her for funeral plans that she eventually never performed.

Investigators are also reported to have found the ashes of dozens of people Neva had been paid to give a proper burial in storage.

According to the reports, victims and members of Neva’s family were present at the hearing Wednesday.

Glennis Willy, whose mother was a victim of Neva, said she stole $4,070 and has only paid back five dollars. “It’s just not right that she has taken advantage of all of these old people and I say that with the up-most respect,” Glennis was quoted as saying in the reports.

Neva reportedly told a judge that the money she stole is in a bank account in Ghana and that she was the only one with access to it. “I can’t do anything in here, if they expect restitution it would be from the outside,” she said.

The 90 victims of Neva have lost close to half a million dollars and so far she has only paid back $500.

By Emmanuel K. Dogbevi

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