Ghana Home Loans obtains $15. 5m facility

Ghana Home Loans (GHL), a specialized mortgage provider in Ghana, and FMO, The Hague-based Dutch Development Bank announced on Monday that they have signed and partially disbursed a $15.5 million long-term facility to Ghana Home Loans.

This facility would enable GHL to further grow its residential mortgage lending portfolio and improve better access to housing finance for Ghanaians, according to a statement e-mailed to the Ghana News Agency in Accra.

FMO’s funding allows Ghana Home Loans to provide both Cedi and US Dollar based loans to Ghanaians to enable them to acquire, complete or improve their homes, the statement said. It said applicants were not required to open a bank account with Ghana Home Loans or participate in any kind of savings scheme to qualify for a mortgage.

Dominic Adu, Chief Executive Officer of GHL, said, “In light of the worsening global financial crisis, and its consequent negative impact on mortgage funding, we are, especially proud to have raised this long term facility for Ghanaians. It shows investor confidence in our business model and further demonstrates Ghana Home Loans’ commitment to doing all we can to make housing easier and accessible to Ghanaians”.

Ruurd Brouwer, Director, Financial Institutions of FMO, said, “The huge gap between demand and supply of affordable housing finance solutions is recognized as one of the biggest challenges in emerging economies. “In these turbulent financial times, FMO remains committed to invest in sustainable business models that deliver these housing solutions. Our long term facility will capacitate Ghana Home Loans to further improve access to housing finance in the Ghanaian market and will enable Ghana Home Loans to introduce new innovative products.”

Ghana Home Loans is currently the leading mortgage finance institution in Ghana with loan advances and commitments of over USD40 million.

Ghana Home Loan’s key objective is to leverage information technology and modern mortgage finance techniques to consistently provide Ghanaians with competitively priced long term mortgage finance to facilitate home ownership and to become the pre-eminent mortgage finance institution in Ghana and eventually within the region.

Shareholders of Ghana Home Loans include Standard Bank (South Africa), FMO (The Netherlands), Broad Cove Partners (USA), and the Company’s staff.

Source: GNA

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    Dear Sir/Madam,
    By next two Years I will be on retirement.
    I will be very grateful if Ghana Home Loans will throw more lights
    on how best I can be helped owned my own house.
    Thanking you in anticipating.
    Juliana Owiredu,
    Senior Nursing Sister
    (Alpha Medical Center-Madina)

  2. mary hayford says

    i have a house which i inherited from my parents, i mean a big building which needs some major repaires before i can rent it out. what i wanted to find out is am i eligible for a loan. am not working at the moment, ut i need to get this building in shape so i can rent, and then pay up my loan money after i rent it out. can u please help me on that.

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