Two ICU members take union to court

Mr. Dave Agbenu
Mr. Dave Agbenu

Two members of the Industrial and Commercial Workers Union (ICU) have taken the organization to court.

The two Dave Agbenu of the New Times Corporation and George Amanor of Poly Group Ltd., go to court Monday morning January 12, 2009 to place an injunction on the ICU’s congress expected to be held Tuesday January 13, 2009.

The ICU is expected to elect new executives which also effectively ends the term of office of the current officers.

In making their claims, the two said the actions of the current interim executives of the ICU is unconstitutional and therefore, looks like a coup.

According to the two, the removal of the former administration of the union is also unconstitutional.

They insist that the ICU constitution does not make room for an interim administration, and therefore, it is illegal for the interim administration to call for a congress.

The two contend that the Quadrennial Congress of the ICU is the only body legally mandated to elect officers.

They are also asking that  all the elected officials of the ICU prior to August 2, 2007 including the General Secretary, Napoleon Kpo should continue in office.

They say their intention for going to court is to stop the illegality that has long been perpetrated in the union.

Meanwhile, in 2007 an Accra Fast Track High Court, barred Mr. Kpo and other officers from holding themselves up as officials of the union.

By Emmanuel K. Dogbevi

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