African Labour Union supports Palestinian workers

African workers under the umbrella of the Organisation of  African Trade Union Unity (OATUU) have expressed their unflinching solidarity with the struggling Palestinian workers and people to regain their inalienable rights to self-determination.

A release signed in Accra by Hassan A. Sumonu, Secretary-General of the Organisation, said African workers were supporting Palestinian workers to return to their usurped fatherland and build an independent Palestinian State with Jerusalem as its capital.

It said African workers demanded that Israel withdrew from the Gaza Strip and put an immediate end to “the criminal air strikes” whose main targets were Palestinian civilian infrastructure and innocent people.

“For us in OATUU, we agree entirely with those who maintain that Israel prefers to live by the sword rather than make the necessary concessions for peace.”

OATUU condemned the “absolute silence” manifested by the multiplicity of international human rights’ organisations in the world in the face of the genocide perpetrated against the people of the Gaza Strip.

For about 10 days now, the world has been witnessing a humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip.

The crisis has been caused by Israeli air strikes which have led to hundreds of civilian casualties mostly women and children.

Source: GNA

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