Omatek engineers Ghana’s IT agenda

Information technology has become a priority in the development process of Ghana. Recently, the Ghana Stock Exchange was completely computerized.

The government and schools are also converting to a digital solution system. This challenge is being addressed by Omatek, a Nigerian computer and software company.


 Omatek is the story of African success in IT solutions. The company produces and assembles computers in Nigeria, making it the first African company to produce desktop computer and notebook casings, speakers, desktops and notebooks from Completely Knocked Components (CKD), out of its Nigerian and Ghanaian factories.

Benjamin Aggrey-Ntim, Ghana’s outgoing Communication Minister, said that Omatek would help to multiply the current number of computers that have been supplied to Ghanaians, in a government assisted program to distribute computers to schools and government agencies.

“It is our hope that the partnership with Omatek will help multiply several times the number of computers available to students, civil servants and public institutions, stating that the initiative would impact positively on education, job creation and employment, which are necessary for accelerating the country’s development,” the Minister said.

Omatek was founded by Florence Seriki, one of Nigeria’s daring entrepreneurs.

Seriki’s Omatek recently opened a sale distribution outfit in Ghana to meet the demand of production and distribution of computers by Africans.

Credit: Victor Emeruwa

Source: Africa News

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  1. oppong gabriel isaac says

    please am a student of st. joseph college of education and i want to know when our computers that we filled our forms for them will be ready before school re-opens in waiting your me on 00233-0241275938 or 00233-0277169334

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