Information exchange, experience sharing vital for Africa’s growth

Experts from the Ghanaian Statistical institute said that the information exchange and experience sharing activities among African countries should further be strengthened to move the continent forward.

The experts who were in Ethiopia for an experience sharing program at the Central Statistical Agency (CSA) told WIC that as African countries share similar situations, experience sharing and information exchange activities among the countries should be strengthened.

Director of the statistical institution of Ghana, Dr. Grace Bediako said that the recent population census conducted in Ethiopia was very successful and exemplary for Ghana.

Ghana in its national population census to be conducted in 2011 will apply some of the methods Ethiopia used in the recent population census.

She indicated that Ghana needs Ethiopia’s technical and professional support for the population census scheduled to be conducted in 2011.

Another member of the Ghanaian visiting group, Sylvester Gyamfi on his part said that the culture of information exchange and experience sharing activities among African countries should further be stepped up.

He also said that the Ghanaian team has learnt a lot from the activities of the Ethiopian Central Statistics Agency (CSA). The experiences drawn from the agency would have an important role in making the next population census in Ghana successful, he added.

CSA public relations information dissemination and education department head, Wudalat Gedamu also said that as the agency is comparatively a stronger institute in Africa, it is assisting similar institutions on the continent by sharing its best practices.

The agency has assisted Sudanese professionals in making the recent population census in the Sudan, while Namibian statistics experts are also coming by next month to draw lessons from the Ethiopian experience, she said.

Source: Waltainfo

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