Girls in US give football gears to Ghanaian girls

Hundreds of children, big grins on their faces, are decked out in jerseys and kicking soccer balls around the pitch in Ghana.

In a way, they’re members of the North Mississauga Soccer Club.

Prompted by the club’s girls’ under-10 rep soccer team, players began collecting soccer gear during the season after hearing from the father of one of their teammates that youngsters their own age in Ghana were in need.

Initially, the youngsters donated their own team uniforms. Shortly thereafter, it turned into a much larger project resulting in 250 uniforms being collected, including jerseys, shorts and socks, as well as cleats and soccer balls.

George Amponsem, whose daughter, Michele, is on the under-10 squad, is making sure the uniforms and equipment end up with the children in Ghana, where he’s working on a large project.

“While there, he noticed a large number of street kids and decided to organize a youth soccer club for street kids, to keep them off the streets and into a program,” said Pauline Morgado, whose daughter plays on the Mississauga club. “He is currently organizing this in the town of Obuasi and the village of Bredi.

“With the donations of the girls, they collected enough uniforms to outfit several teams,” added Morgado. “Not only did these girls come together for a special cause for a sport that is close to all their hearts, but (they) would like other children to enjoy the love of the game.”


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